The Truth About Parenting

Let’s face it we aren’t the parents we’d like to be and we all resort to the basest of tactics in the struggle to raise our kids.Take one friend; recently their child did not want to go to hockey training, complaining that they were too tired. No problem let them rest at home....more

A Chicken And Egg Mystery

I’ve just found an egg in the airing cupboard.It slightly threw me to find it there and I thought for a fleeting moment that I had finally gone mad - a tad earlier than I had hoped. Luckily I remembered, before I got too worried, that I had had a chicken in there yesterday, so it was not terribly surprising to find an egg there today. However, it was quite nice to find the egg whole....more

Who Said Parenting Was Easy?

Yeah we all did, when we weren’t parents.You remember we’d look at hassled mothers dragging screaming children round the shops and think: “For chrissake! Get a grip on yourself and the child, it can’t be that difficult, the human race has been round for a long time!”And you’d listen to them moaning on and on about how tired they were and you’d look at them unbelieving “Good God woman all you have to do is stay at home all day!...more
@naked_mommy Oh yes I do the same now too! Re the animals, they came before the kids and anyway ...more