Justice for LaVena Johnson

Thanks to my rss subscription to the Electronic Village, the creation of my good friend Wayne Hicks and fellow net-activist, I learned for the first time about Ms. LaVena Johnson. This 19 year old honor student upon graduating from high school enrolled into the army. In 2005, she was the first soldier to die from Missouri, though her death was non-combative. ...more

Update on a Day for Darfur

Declaring merely a day of action for Darfur is rubbing me the wrong way, we have a lot of work to do and there is no way that progress can be achieved within the span of one day. A blogblast on a dedicated day serves to educate as many as we can and hopefully inspire some engaged civic participation. ...more

Awakening Emotional Instincts

Women have such a capacity for protecting the future, if they are aware, if they have an idea of the great worth of their contribution, and most importantly if they recognize and honor their obligation. We must mobilize the instinct of mothers to die for their children's safety and future. That instinct is within all women and is merely hormonally awaken after giving birth, but this instinct is not solely dependent upon giving birth. The human child, the future of humanity, is brought into this world extremely vulnerable. ...more