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Hi Friends, We turned back the clock this weekend and I can see what effect that extra hour has had on my lifestyle. I really feel like I have an extra hour of my own to spend each night. Normally, I would chat on a webcam with my dad, who is in India at this time. Due to the time zones, it is morning in India when I chat with him. Now, this chat takes place an hour earlier. ...more


Have been away for a few days. Just checked the date of my last blog was the 17th of Feb.I shared the good news of my job offer with you folks, who are now my confidantes. The next few days were spent in good cheer. We attended some social cum religious events and ate some good food. The children were out on their own holiday, so my husband and I were home alone.  Monday was family day and we went out for Chinese food with some friends and then stayed till late at night talking with friends. ...more


Hi folks, I am back after a few days of not blogging, but I come bearing good news. I finally managed to get a job offer and I shall be starting work again next Wednesday. Wish me luck. It is not the job of my dreams, and it is a contract positiion, but I am not in a position where I can pick and choose. In these days of unemployment and recession, I am just happy to get a job. It is a good company and the working environment looks good, besides it is quite close to home....more
Congratulations on the new job! more

31 years - our wedding anniversary

I am sorry folks for not blogging daily. Actually, I do have an excuse. I had just got so addicted to a game I had downloaded on my IPOD touch called Around the World in 80 days, that I just could not leave it to blog. I downloaded the free version and after 19 days, it would not move on till you buy the full game.It is okay, I do not plan on spending money to buy games....more


I have borrowed a book from the library called "Excuses Begone" by Dr Wayne W Dyer. One of my friends told me that she reads his books for inspiration, so I checked at my local library and I found this book, which I thought could be really helpful. I have not yet started reading it, but I read the introduction and the summary and if it helps me I will definitely let you folks know. ...more

Back to blogging

Have not been blogging lately and I have an excuse.  I am blogging about my personal life anonymously and I would not want any member of my family to read this and know my personal thoughts.  Recently, when we were out running some errands with my two sons, one of them asked me about whether I was blogging and I said I was doing it quite regularly. The question came from my son who is living downtown, as he had initially set me up on tumbler and had shown me some other blogging sites....more

A good day finally

I have not been blogging for the last few days. I am afraid my old habit of not keeping up with things I start doing, might catch up with me again. I had written in my previous blog, that I had got a new haircut and new wardrobe for my interview with the recruiter this morning. The previous night, I printed 2 copies of my resume, got my references ready.  The next morning, I got up early and had my shower and set my hair as per instructions the hair stylist had given me. I managed to do a decent job with the mousse and spray....more

The change happens

Sunday is generally a day of relaxation, but today was the big day, when I had to go to get my new haircut. I got up late in the morning as my appointment was only at 2.30pm, but the thought never left my mind the whole night. I had my breakfast and checked on my emails. My husband made the Sunday lunch and so I was not so busy. I was going with my son's girlfriend, who is now a good friend of mine too. ...more


It was Saturday today, and since I slept late I got up late and made myself some breakfast.  This morning, I had promised to go to the bank with my daughter to get her husbands name added to the account I previously had joint with her. The bank required all of us to be there to sign the papers. ...more

Ikea woes

During the past few days, I have been thinking on cleaning up my kitchen. I had a small dining table with 4 chairs in one corner and lately that had become a dumping ground for all sundry things such as the fruit basket, the bottle of mixed nuts, a bottle of my son's protein powder. The protein bottles are huge, my son even ordered protein powder to add to his smoothies which came in a bucket.  Anyway, it was getting crowded up there. The chairs were also full....more
My sisters and I pack up our kids (mine are teenagers, but my sisters have 7 under six years ...more