Bodhi Turns ONE

I almost don’t even have the words to put this post together, I feel as though words have failed me lately which is hard because I love to write… today my sweet little Bodhi boy turns ONE. I can say all of the cliche things (where did the time go, how did we get here, I can’t believe he’s One) but the truth is I have spent the past year falling deeply and madly in love with this little guy. There wasn’t a moment I wasted because I knew from experience that his first year would pass by in the blink of an eye, and that it did (even quicker than the first time, might I add) When I found out I was expecting (with Bodhi) I pictured my life with two little girls running around, I was so sure that we were going to have another baby girl ....more

Shop Small Canada: VI&JAX

Hi guys! How did everyone make out over the Black Friday weekend? Still have some shop left in you? ...more

Shop Small Canada: Margjean

It’s been a while since I’ve shared one of my favorite Canadian shops but I have a couple lined up for the holidays that I’m super excited about! Today I’m featuring a local shop that sells handmade crocheted goods, Margjean! I’m super excited about this one because she’s local (which I love) but also because these knits are equally cute and functional for our cold Canadian winters! ...more

Vegas 2016 + My First Half Marathon

It’s been so long since I’ve sat down to blog (busy photography season) but this past weekend I took a much needed break and jetted off to Vegas for the weekend with my girlfriends! I’ll be heading back to work in just a few weeks so it was the perfect time to get away for some care free fun with the girls! We had been planning this trip for a while around the Rock and Roll half marathon ....more

Halloween 2016

Happy Halloween! I have to admit that this holiday is not my favourite, I’ve never really loved dressing up myself but it’s a lot more fun since having kids. Scarlett is on pins and needles waiting to go trick-or-treating today, she even declared that she’s eating candy for dinner and that I have to let her eat as much as she wants… we will see about that ....more

My Little Pony 4th Birthday Party

This weekend we (finally) celebrated Scarlett’s 4th birthday! She requested a “My Little Pony” party and I wasn’t a bit surprised since she’s pony obsessed. I browsed Pinterest a bit and made the mistake of letting her in on said browsing, I was able to talk her out of the cake with fondant and the rainbow jello shooters (haha) but she requested everything rainbow (including a rainbow cake) Lucky for me the party store here had a ton of MLP swag so I grabbed a bundle of balloons, some treat bag swag and a “pin the cutie mark on pinkie pie” game which made up most of the party ....more


Four. Four years ago today this sweet little soul made me a mother, the doctor placed her into my arms and in that instant my whole world changed, life as I knew it would never be the same… and then I blinked. I blinked and 4 years have come and gone, that tiny little baby who I thought I knew has blossomed into a little girl who is more beautiful and perfect than I could have ever imagined her to be ....more


This weekend I ran a 5km race, it was supposed to be a 9km and I dropped down so I don’t feel like it’s a huge accomplishment but I did hit my goal time so there’s that! We also decided to hit up the petting zoo/corn maze and pick out a couple of pumpkins for carving. I can’t believe it’s midway through October already! ...more

Shop Small Canada: The Polka Dot Fox

You guys! Today I’m super excited to be brining back Shop Small Canada, I just love sharing local artisans and creatives with you and today’s feature is one of my absolute favourites! Since Scarlett was a little girl I’ve dreamed of her having...more

Thanksgiving Snowday 2016

Oh my goodness, what a weekend. I went from photographing the most beautiful couple on a sunny (yet cool) evening on Saturday to waking up to a foot of snow on Monday morning! I’m not a huge fan of snow but I can definitely appreciate the magic of the first snowfall, Scarlett is beyond excited and she’s spent most of her day playing in it ....more