The Quick and the Dead | Taylor the Teacher

Here’s some truth about me: ...more

You Got Punk'd: An Open Letter to American Parents | Taylor the Teacher

I haven't submitted to blogher in a while, but I'm submitting this one here specifically because I believe the mommy blogs are more powerful than many give them credit for. I’m trying my best to speak for a segment of teachers. If you listen and decide I’m full of crap, that’s fine. Just know that, down here in the edu-blogosphere, we’re trying like hell to figure out how best to prepare your children. I may not be that voice that can say what teachers need to say, but teachers are begging for parent input here. Our viewpoint is worth at least a listen, yes? ...more

5 Truths About Weight Loss

Truth #1: It's not as hard as it seems. Since February, I have lost 40 pounds. I still have more to go, but losing that weight has changed my life. Not in the ways I thought, though. I have become much more confident, not because I look so much better (which I do) but because I took on the hardest thing in my life, and found that it wasn't that hard at all. The key is consistency. Truth #2: There is no magic bullet. ...more

Cluetrain for Parents: The real threat to children on the Web

You must make an online play space for your children. Immediately. Just reading the Cluetrain Manifesto. I know I’m very late in reading this, compared to many of the web old timers. I apologize if someone has already said this. Here’s my off-the-cuff children’s web cluetrain 19 theses: 1. Traditional media have focused of late on scaring parents. ...more

Go to the blog post itself and click the "edit" button on the top right side of the blog post. ...more

A completely emotional and all-too-female war protest

This was written yesterday, 9/11/07. My feelings about this are so strong they will take a while to process, but I’m doing a brain dump of the preliminary feelings now, in part because I know deep down that I may never come back. This is actually very hard. Saw Cameron today. I love Cameron. Cameron was one of my favorite students by the end of last school year, but I really intensely dreaded 5th period the entire fall semester last year in part because of Cameron. ...more

Disney star not first American to get naked!

’ll have to be in and out on the Vanessa Hudgens thing because entering into this conversation reminds me of the bolt of realization than comes a split second after taking the bait when some smart-ass student says something designed to rile me up. But I’ve read too much about it now, and I’ve already taken the bait. So could someone explain to me what the problem is with this photo? People are really overreacting. Disney, everybody. ...more

Help my friend Olivia: Web 2.0 101

Talked to my friend Olivia today. Olivia once wrote a funny short story about a squirrel named Jimmy. We went to college together. Olivia is a teacher, too, and she’s been too busy teaching and giving birth to mess with Web 2.0, so she’s, like, such a web poser. Not really, but I’m doing 80s slang today because, as I’ve mentioned before, language is lovely – I mean, bitchin’. (“Bitching” is bad, but “bitchin” is good. See what I mean?) ...more

Man Talk, Families, Togetherness, and Writing it all Down

I Can Already Tell It’s Going to Be a Great Weekend. It’s Friday, and I am thinking I have it made to have some wine in me, a man that loves me, some friends over, a cool evening, a screened-in porch, and a chance to be semi-alone and write. Yes. We have friends over, and I’m semi-alone. They’re really my husband’s friends and, at the moment, none of them have girlfriends. So I’m free to “be with” but come and go as I please. It’s nice. ...more