Bathroom Privacy Becomes An Issue Once Children Come Along

Dear Tazi:I am the mother of two and a half year old twin girls. They are old enough to run around and get in trouble, and big enough to climb out of their crib without getting hurt. I am a stay-at-home Mom, so some days the only moment I have to myself is when I have to use the bathroom. I have always closed the door when I do my business and value my privacy in this area....more

Tazi's Corner: Issue #6: Thoughts On Reading (Part II)

Hello, readers, and welcome to another edition of Tazi's Corner Life As Your Pet Sees It!...more

Celebrate World Cat Day With Tazi-Kat!

Dear Readers: Today is World Cat Day, a day to celebrate cats and all that we do for you humans! For example, do you think anyone could make you feel as insignificant as a cat can make you feel? This is just one of the many services a cat provides (we keep you humble!) and one of the many feline-esque accomplishments that we celebrate today!  ...more

Man Needs More Help Than Tazi Can Offer

Dear Tazi:  ...more

When Seeking a Promotion, Promote Yourself; Don't Downgrade Others

Dear Tazi: I work in Inside Sales and Customer Service taking orders for a large clothing manufacturer. I have a new co-worker who believes that you should not only dress for the job you want (as the old adage goes) but also act like you have the job you want, to prove to higher-ups that you are qualified for the position. Unfortunately this new co-worker wants a job in a supervisory position, which means he goes around acting like everyone else’s boss. ...more

Tazi's Corner: Issue #4: Fortunate Sons' Unfortunate Behaviors

Hello, dear readers! It has been a busy week here in Tazi Land! Mommie decided to clean the house, which means I had to find a place to hide from the vacuum. Luckily, Mommie's laptop computer was shoved under the bed, and I was able to bang out today's commentary! It's a bit long, but Mommie was on quite the cleaning spree! ...more

Tazi's Corner: Issue #3 - Thoughts On Payday Advance Lending Services

Hello readers, and welcome to another edition ofTazi's Corner Life As Your Pet Sees It!...more

Atheist Teenager Seeks To Explore Religion

 Dear Tazi:I am twelve going on thirteen. All of my life I have been raised an Atheist, but since starting middle school I am starting to question these beliefs. I have friends who are Christian, Jewish, and Islamic; and I am curious about their lives and their religions. They are firm believers of their faith and while they have always respected the fact that I am Atheist, I still feel different....more

Tazi's Corner: Issue #2: Rules For A Successful And Loving Relationship

Hello Readers, and welcome to another edition of Tazi’s Corner – Life As Your Pet Sees it! Since I am a cat, I do my fair share of napping; but this is not all that I do with my spare time! I also spend as good deal of time pretending to nap so I can spy on the world of humans. Let me tell you, y’all tend to complicate matters, so with that in mind I am offering Tazi’s Tips for a Successful, Loving, and Long-Term Relationship!...more

Husband And Wife Clash In Potty-Training Battle

Dear Tazi:  I am ready to lose my mind! I have a wonderful daughter who is almost three years old. She is on track or exceeding all of her milestones with one exception: she refuses to toilet train. I have tried bribing her with rewards, punishing her by leaving her in a dirty diaper for longer than normal, forcing her to use the potty and pretending the potty is no big deal – all to no avail. ...more