Recall Alert for Moms - Children's Tylenol

Today Johnson and Johnson, makers of Tylenol, issued a voluntary recall of particular lots of childrens and infants Tylenol. Some lots, (or batches) may be contaminated with bacteria called Burkholderia cepacia or B. Cepacia....more

Is there ever a reason...

I have two blogs (now).   Should I have more than one Blogher account? I have listed my teaming blog with Blogher, but wondering if I should have an account for my professional one and one for my personal one. Is there ever a reason to have two accounts? I saw where the question somewhat addressed earlier, but I want to make doubly sure. Hoping to do more writing, :)Teri ...more

The only reason to have two BlogHer accounts would be if you need to keep your professional and ...more

Single Moms In the News

I’m tired. ...more

Sexting and Teens

Sexting and Teens There is a new phenomenon in teen circles. It’s called “Sexting”. Essentially, sexting is sending nude or hypersexual images via cell phones in the form of texts messages. ...more

Race Issues: Just Get Over It!

A few days ago, someone offered a word of advice about Sisters Helping Sisters, the women’s organization I oversee. Let me premise the forthcoming by saying the person meant no harm whatsoever. Here’s how it played out. Innocently, they asked me: “Why do you have so many pictures of ________ people on your website”? ...more

FaceBook - Are They Crazy or Are We?

FaceBook recently took some heat for changing their "Terms of Service" (TOS) to overtly declare perpetual ownership of content on their website (including photos). This created quite a "stink" with the millions (or more) FaceBook users around the world. ...more

Don't Listen to the CRAZY People


Too Little...Not Too Late

I may owe an apology. Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in a public radio show about mothers.  My role was to share the perspective of single moms. After over 15 years of personal experience being a single mom and ten years of working with and supporting single mothers, the interview seemed like a good fit. I was excited. ...more

Single Parent Families...NOT Broken!

Years ago I wrote an article that was partly informational and partly rant. It has been published in variety of venues. I think it’s appeal is because it is somewhat counter cultural. I bravely and boldly broadcasted my frustration with society’s misperceptions about single mother households. Many individuals deem such families as somehow “broken” or destined for failure. Particularly during this political season we’re hearing many tout single parent households as though they are irreparably disadvantaged. ...more

Dating and the Single Mom

I am new to the "world" of blogging.  But I'm not new to sharing my thoughts and opinions. I was a single mom for 15 years. As a single mom, I started Sisters Helping Sisters.  This support network is designed to create a means for mutual support, information-sharing and personal development. Then it happened.  I accepted a proposal and now I'm married.  But I still have the support network for single moms and we're still learning and growing!  Dating, however, is a redundant challenge that generates a lot of conversation. ...more