Golden Lessons from the Olympics

(Editor's Note: When I was a kid, the Summer Olympics were a huge deal. Wherever my family was vacationing for the summer - the Maine coast, the Connecticut shore and even one summer in Bermuda - the Olympics were "must-see TV.". Of course, there was only one channel broadcasting the Games and not a lot of other sources for results so we were riveted. Now there are over 3,000 hours broadcast over various channels, many in real time, and no shortage of apps, social media platforms and other ways to keep current with the medal tally....more

2012 Olympics Guide for Families

The Olympics go social and let families bring the games closer to home.The Olympics may be the world's oldest competition, but this year's Games are getting a thoroughly modern upgrade. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other online outlets are offering new ways to experience the events' trials and tribulations -- and families are the winners....more