A NEW New Year's Resolution

Every New Year’s Day I say that I’m going to get organized – that I’m finally going to conquer the clutter. So I dutifully take out books on home organization from the library and I subscribe to organization blogs and come up with decluttering plans....more

The Missing Tooth

I hate loose teeth. My daughter knows this and loves to torment me by wiggling her teeth back and forth for me each day so I can track their progress. Blech. The worst is when they’re hanging on with nothing but a slimy thread of who-knows-what. And I don’t really care for touching teeth once they’ve fallen out.Anyway.On Tuesday night, The Princess and I were driving out to buy winter boots when I heard a loud “huhhh?!?” from the back seat. I glanced in the rear view mirror at my daughter.“My tooth came out,” she announced.“What?”...more

The Rant of a Flustered Mother

Life is too chaotic right now and it’s finally starting to get to me....more

Getting Rid of the Toys

 For the first time since we moved in, I feel like our house is too small. Except that it's not actually our house that too small - like everyone else, we just have too much stuff....more

A New Project on the Needles

It occurred to me that I've been knitting so much lately that I should start posting some photos. In fact, doing a Work In Progress Wednesday might even inspire me to knit more because I fear your judgement get to show off what I've been working on (my kids aren't remotely impressed)....more

Will My Baby Boy Wear Pink?

Our living room has been buried under piles and piles and PILES of clothing all week long. Seriously, it looks like Thing One and Thing Two ditched the Cat in the Hat and took over my house instead. Except that in this version of the story, my kids and some random talking goldfish actually encouraged the chaos instead of trying to contain it....more

Sewing My Own Maternity Shirt

A few months ago, I took the Pixie with me to the mall. She looked around with wide-eyed wonder at the stores and the lights and the displays and the people and asked me THREE different times, "What is this place???"We learned two things that day: 1) that I don't take the Pixie to the mall very often and 2) that she has the memory span of a fish....more