That Time I Quit Therapy

For a personal blog, I’m remarkably good at not writing about anything too terribly personal. In the early days of a blog, you bare your soul, but the more people read your words, the harder it is to be completely honest about things. Which is probably why I didn’t mention the social worker before this ....more


A week Two weeks ago? I told y’all all about my writing. I told you how I wrote a book for children and my heart was just so full with the news. I really and truly felt as if I had found my calling. I actually still feel this way. If I thought of a million different professions, I don’t think I would be able to find one that feels like a better fit. I got so excited that I ...more

Clinton Kelly, Mom Jeans, and Adventures in Shopping

Dearest readers: The following post was sponsored–imagine! Getting paid to write!–so please stay tuned to hear all about how I got to attend a fashion show hosted by Clinton Kelly and most importantly: how I got to go shopping WITHOUT MY KIDS ....more

Help Wanted {Wisdom Wednesdays}

I take my kids to a big pediatric practice that has about six different doctors. I’ve mentioned to two of them that I think August has a problem with gluten. Neither has shown any interest in following up on this report ....more


My computer tells me that it is now the thirteenth of April and I’m pretty sure I haven’t posted one Little Joy Map post all month. I think it’s time for me to regroup and start fresh. Funny thing is, the stuff I have tried is really working. My husband has been out of town doing some military service and I have been FINE. Just fine. All those routines and mantras about sleep have really paid off. Imagine that! I ...more

{Wisdom Wednesdays} Have You Ever Tried Theratogs?

One thing that I’ve been wanting to do on this blog for like a zillion years is to start a collection of posts that are as much about the comments as they are about the post. I belong to a bunch of private message boards and there is a ton of great information on them, but private message boards can’t be found by Google and you have to join to see them. It’s a shame to let all that good ...more

IEP Drama Comes to an End

In case you are too busy to read to the very end of this story, I’ll give you the moral up front: talk, talk, talk to the people who are in charge of your kid. The End. Just kidding–you didn’t think I was going to let you off that easy, didja? So here’s what happened: ...more

This I Can Do

In my last Little Joy post I mentioned that I am not very good at physical affection. I’m terrible at it actually, but I don’t need to get real specific, right? I have discovered some semi-touchy-feely things that I’m very good at, and I thought I’d share those. Consider this affection for the touchy-feely impaired: ...more

Taking Back the Title

In third grade I was a writer. I was busily working on my first novel–a murder mystery loosely based on episodes of Murder She Wrote that I’d watched with my grandfather. In my loopy, third-grader script, I carefully outlined my characters, my setting, the back stories that would convolute the plot. I was shades away from being the next Agatha Christie. Or whoever it was that wrote the Nancy Drew books. The second is more likely since I’d never read ...more

Love Can Be Hard

Well, howdy! I’m supposed to be writing about loving my kids better and I’ve run into a bit of a stumbling block: ...more