monthly craft gift for kids: kiwi crate

Often people ask me for cool gift ideas for holidays and birthdays, and though I often immediately share with them my holiday gift guide (because really, it works for any time of the...more

gifts for sunday school teachers or CCD teachers

My kids have gone to SOR (School of Religion for our church and which we grew up calling CCD), for years now. Every single week since Kindergarten, they’ve spent an hour with good people who take the time out of their lives to teach my kids what many other kids learn in Sunday School. I’m truly thankful for these great people because I know it’s hard enough for me to teach Children’s Liturgy with a group of women on a rotating basis ....more

our favorite thanksgiving printables for BIG kids!

This week is the big week for us–lots of travel, lots of family, lots of friends, and lots of food! Officially, the fun winter holiday season is upon us, and from here until January 2nd, it’s a wild ride. But often that wild ride means that our kids tend to be kicked off of their normal schedules ....more

family holiday cards: how to get the kids involved

This year, ordering family holiday cards was totally different for us. This year, our family agreed...more

something has to change and it must start here–with you and with me

I rarely write posts like this. ...more

family photo books: easy, quick, and affordable for super-busy moms

Growing up, I loved more than anything looking at our family’s photo albums, listening to...more

must-have gifts for kids (and families!): 2014

Friends! It’s only the second week of November but already I’ve received two dozen emails from you asking for my gift picks for this holiday season. What should you get for your preschool nephew? ...more

a must-read for raising confident kids: ‘God Made Light’

As parents, one of the things that we want most for our kids is that they grow to be happy, healthy, and confident adults. And one simple way that we can do that is to spend quality time with our kids, reminding them daily that they are special and that they are loved. Reminding them, too, that God loves them...more

holiday note gift idea for families: unique, thoughtful, and FREE

Post originally published on 11/24/09 but republishing because I think it’s worth it. ...more

what to do when your kid just doesn’t ‘get it’

I admit that I am the absolute worst with emails. The worst. But I’m trying to be better ....more