summer fun for kids: week 3 #tabletopsurprises

We have had one wild week here, friends. Our Owen headed to his Nanny and Pap’s for baseball camp, and our Maddy and Cora were stuck here with me and were pretty darn sick. Luckily, our girls are on the mend (finally!), and Owen is back here with us in Maryland, now determined to land himself on a baseball team ....more

get kids to play outside: 4 tips for summertime playground fun

Sometimes, getting kids to play outside is no easy feat, especially in the summer. Because here in the DC Metro area, it’s hot. It’s hot ....more

fun summertime learning for kids: tabletop surprises

Week two of tabletop surprises is in the books, and it was a blast! Because my crew was busy fighting off some pretty awful summertime colds, we did a bit of re-arranging with our tabletop surprises calendar this week. But you know what? ...more

matchstick math: patterns, puzzles and critical thinking

The matchstick math activity we did last week for tabletop surprises was a real hit. I had an inkling that the activity would be a favorite of Owen’s but really all of the kids were into it. And when we didn’t bump the table, making the matchsticks fall all out of place and go everywhere, it was all good ....more

kids make their own commercials: creative, techy fun

As part of our tabletop surprises last week, my kids became movie-makers. Though it really didn’t start out that way at all. The little tabletop surprise note challenged them to create commercials for a product ....more

10 cool ways to read the Percy Jackson series

Friends! I’m always so thrilled to share with you fun literacy-related events and celebrations, and this summer, we’ve got a big one: it’s the 10th Anniversary of the publication of The Lightning Thief, by Rick Riordan. WOOT! ...more

fun summertime learning for kids: tabletop surprises

Every weekday in the summertime, I start the day by sharing a #tabletopsurprises post. Just one quick picture of what’s in store for Maddy, Owen, and Cora for their tabletop surprise that day. Are you on Instagram? ...more

summer reading goals & reading logs: quick and easy

Woooo-hooooooo! Summer is here! Summer has arrived! ...more

summer swim team: an absolute MUST for families

Summer swim has been a staple for our family for the last six years. Ever since Maddy joined the pre-team the summer before Kindergarten, we’ve spent the first seven weeks of summer camped out at the pool in the mornings and have spent our Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings at swim meets and Sunday afternoons at dive meets. We are grateful that our neighborhood pool is within walking distance from our home, and we definitely take advantage of it....more