families who care: small acts of kindness make a really big difference #everydaycare

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Raising a Rock-Star Reader: sneak peek and pre-order!

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8 things all kids must hear their parents say

You guys, I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: this parenting gig is hard. I mean hard. Yes, it’s the most awesome thing I’ve ever done, and every day I’m grateful for my three kids, but man ....more

Norse Mythology 101: prep and background for reading Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard by Rick Riordan

My kids seem to have a stronger understanding of Greek mythology thanks to their devouring of the Percy Jackson series. And thanks to the amazing and incredible Greek Heroes and Greek Gods books, by Rick Riordan and illustrated by John Rocco which the kids absolutely adore. But with Rick Riordan’s new trilogy coming out which is based on Norse mythology, I think my kids will be really confused ....more

littleBits: the perfect toy for curious, creative kids

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win at the family game: getting past the fights and mess

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show your kids how to study: 5 easy ways

One thing I have come to realize, after years of teaching and tutoring, is that kids really don’t know how to study. We may tell them to study before a test or quiz, but that doesn’t mean they know what that really means. Their teachers remind them to study, but that doesn’t mean that kids really will ....more

tween birthday gifts: our top 5 picks for girls

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fire prevention week: best resources for home and school

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