teachmama friday finds: grace vanderwaal, a must-see for your tweens

Friends. Especially if you have tweens in your home, kids 8-12 years old, you want to watch this. This is little Grace VanderWaal, the 12-year-old gal who has been wow-ing the nation with her voice and ukulele-playing skeelz ....more

Big Fat Notebooks: study help for middle schoolers #BigFatNotebooks

I’m always on the hunt for best-fit books for my kids, so when I was sent...more

celebrate multicultural children’s books! (BIG book bundle giveaway!)

It’s time for the 2nd Annual...more

how to play James Bond: fun card game for familes, by cora mascott

This summer has been all about card games over here. We’ve been doing a lot of card game playing, and I remember doing the same when I was young....more

how to make an at-home writing center

Writing centers are something that I first created for my kids years and years and years ago. Though the format has changed slightly (we no longer use the hot pink shower caddy), my kids still have nearly all of their writing supplies close at hand all. The ....more

how to make homemade butter (crazy-cool simple science at home)

I have always been on the hunt for ways to make learning fun and natural for my kids. Ways to make learning happen on the fly and in meaningful ways. We’ll research a little about frogs and toads when we find one in our back yard ....more

pokemonGO: what it is and what parents need to know

Oh, friends. Those of you who know me know that Pokemon is one of my least favorite things in the whole, wide world. I struggled through Owen’s crazy Pokemon stage a few summers ago, trying to learn to distinguish Charizard from Charmeleon...more

good shows for kids ages 8-12, by cora mascott

It’s Cora’s turn up to bat, friends. Since Maddy and Owen have both been guest contributing this summer, you better believe that my Cora needed a turn, too. Cora thought it would be wise to let parents in...more