halloween party ideas for kids and classrooms

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: we shouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to Halloween class parties. Haven’t these been held for years and years and years? Right ....more

pumpkin match game

This game was surprisingly more difficult...more

simple spider web craft: perfect for Halloween class party

I love this simple and sweet spider web craft. Love it. And I think it’ll be perfect for a Halloween class party or playdate activity ....more

fall classroom decor: quick and easy for teachers and parents

Fall is here! Already it seems as though...more

halloween lego game: unplugged, creative fun

I’m always on the hunt for fun ways to keep my kids engaged and interested and thinking creatively. And when I find something that works, and it’s unplugged, creative fun, it’s a serious win. Today after school, while Cora was working on homework and Maddy and Owen were recharging, I put them to work ....more

ipad toy for early math skills: tiggly counts

iPad toy? Right. When I heard about it, I thought the same exact thing ....more

raising strong students: study habits for smart kids

Once your kids hit elementary school, things get a little bit crazy. All of a sudden, your kids actually need to be at school on time. All of a sudden, you’re buried under a mountain of papers, fliers, and notices ....more

fire safety connects with learning at sparkyschoolhouse.org

Fire safety and learning? Right. Fire safety is one of those topics that seem to only come up either at a school assembly or when something awful and scary happens in the news ....more

understanding italics in fiction: text features and meaning

I’ve always tried to make a big deal about certain text features when we see them in fiction that we’re reading, especially bold and italics. I’m cool like that. There’s something about bold and italics that make me feel like they give us...more

make easy candy corn dessert with kids (not perfect and still cool)

Halloween’s almost here, but candy corn and tons of sweet treats have been in the grocery stores for what seems like weeks now. Cora and I took that Halloween spirit and ran with it, creating our own, easy candy corn desserts. It’s always fun to experiment in the kitchen, but when you can let your kids take the lead and use their creativity a bit, it’s all the better ....more