handmade gifts for the whole family

Friends. You know I’ve been doing some work with Klutz lately, and it’s been a blast. A few weeks ago, we held a twitter event filled where the main focus was to share ideas for handmade gifts for the whole family ....more

best books as gifts for everyone on your list

Books are all over our home, all of the time. Tons of books–books from book fairs, from yard sales, from the library, from school, from friends, from publishers–you name it. We are a book-loving family through and through, and for that I am grateful ....more

best gifts for middle schoolers: creative, classic ideas

All year long we’re kind of preparing for this list, my friends–our holiday gift picks. Except this year, with an 8, 10, and 11 year old under our roof and seven nieces and nephews ranging in age from toddler through second grade, I really feel like we have all bases covered. Every, single item I’m asked to review over the year passes through the hands of some of these kids ....more

best gifts for elementary schoolers: must-have games and fun

Elementary School spans such a wide age range, that it makes sense that this would be our biggest guide. From our teeny Kindergartners at age 5 or 6 to our big and bad fifth graders at age 10 or 11, those six years yield a ton of growth. So naturally, tastes, interests, and abilities vary ....more

best gifts for preschoolers: keep those kids learning all year long!

WOOT! Gift guides are my favorite. As an educator and blogger, I am always on the lookout for products that make sense for kids ....more

best gifts for toddlers: must-have presents our little ones, 2015

Best gifts for kids and families, 2015. The post that takes me literally all year long to write. It’s the...more

5 cool handmade gifts that tweens love to make

Let’s face it: we’re all busy–even our kids. As they get older, they’re juggling homework, activities, sports, lessons, chores (ahem ), and friends, so when our kids carve out the time to create a handmade gift, it really means a lot ....more

it’s FINALLY here! Raising A Rock-Star Reader

Welcome to the world, little book. I feel like I need cake and ice-cream and party hats and dancing. Lots and lots of dancing ....more

books that are good for kids 8-12 years old, by owen mascott

Today I am thrilled to introduce my first regular contributor. It’s been a long time coming now, I know. ...more

Klutz handmade for the holidays twitter event: share and win BIG #KlutzHandmade

Klutz Handmade Holiday Twitter Event, 11.17.15: Who: Parents, crafters, caregivers, and YOU! Klutz: @KlutzBooks Scholastic: @Scholastic Amy Mascott:...more