Lazy Saturday Fitness Rules

Often we use the weekends as an excuse to fall off of our diet and exercise routine.  Having lost 53 pounds this year I have found some reliable ways to keep your progress going even on the weekends!...more

The WORST Gift Ever!

I think of my birthday as a national holiday. As such I believe that the gifts I receive should be worthy of such an occasion!  A few years back, like at least eight or nine, I received what I thought was the worst gift ever! My dad, thinking he would give me something I needed, gave me a blender for my birthday! A BLENDER!!! I have to say, at the time I could not hide my disappointment. It wasn't like it was one of those fancy blenders they make now it was a run of the mill, everyday blender......more

Do Something For Yourself!

In our daily hustle we often get caught up in doing for everyone in our lives except ourselves. As a mom and a wife I am guilty of this many days. However, I have realized that if I don't take the time to nurture myself, I will be of no use to my children and my husband. I have thought about ways that I enjoy relaxing and rejuvenating. Here are some of my favorites!✔️Drinking a hot cup of tea ✔️A long hot shower ✔️A spa day ✔️A good workout ✔️Reading a good book ✔️Writing a blog ✔️Going for a run ✔️Going for a walk ✔️Planning a vacation ✔️Pinning stuff on Pinterest...more