Fast Friends

The kids were excited to get back to school after the holidays to see their pals.  That was such an upside to going to school...easy access to friends....more

Mothers Should Run the Ski Lifts

All of this rain we have been getting in the city has been coming down as snow in the nearby mountains.  This is good news for skiers.  This is good news for us! ...more
Truthfully, I think your child was better off having gone on their own, as they did. They must ...more

A Tween Play Date With Skype

It used to be that I knew when one of the kids had a friend in the house.  Permission was needed.  If I am to be responsible for someone else's baby and I want to know about it.I am often just fine with the kids having friends over.  This usually happens on the weekends but, once in a while, a friend will come over after school for a play before dinner.  There are times, however, when I just don't feel like having another child in the house...when I want it to just be us....more

Pottery Barn...Stop Stressing Me Out!!

I think the Pottery Barn catalogues that arrive in my mailbox stress me out more than any bill that might be stuffed in there with them.  Is that bizarre?  With each new season’s catalogues, I need to talk myself down from the mountain of an inferior complex I seem to take on. ...more

Be Happy For Happy Bloggers – It Feels Good

“They make their lives out to be so perfect.” This is a comment a friend shared with me the other day when the topic of blogs came up.  In a fake, high squeaky voice, my friend continued to mock some blog she had read recently, “I have 10 perfect children and I just loooove being a mom.” ...more
I am a gusher and think it is great when so many people have exciting things going on in their ...more