A WIC coupon is not a license to treat people like crap!

I'm not normally profane by any means (at least not on this blog), so you'll understand just how upset I am when I say: FUCK YOU STOP AND SHOP!  My using WIC does not mean you can treat me like I'm some idiot or a worthless piece of shit. ...more

I am sorry you were treated like that. Please follow through and file a complaint. No one should ...more

Living with Autism

While I personally don't have autism I live with it every day.  My 2 favorite guys both have Asperger's.  It occurred to me that as a mommy blogger I have never discussed it from my perspective....more

Dinner can be crafty too

In an effort to eat better and save money Ben decided to make his own pizza dough.  We froze half of it and used the other half to make a delicious olive and pepperoni pizza.Now we thawed the other half and Ben wanted to make pizza again but I'm more in the mood for calzones.  I love calzones but for some reason here in Boston they don't make them with Ricotta cheese.  Ben isn't into calzones so he'll be using his portion of the dough to make a personal sized pizza....more

My husband could eat the same thing every day for a week and not get sick of it. We've been ...more

Free or Cheap series

Yes, we know, we've heard it before.  Shop sales.  But I'm not talking about the once or twice a year holiday sales that stores have (and I hate those because there is nothing worse then a hugely crowded store while trying to find what you are looking for).   I'm talking about the sale rack. I always make a beeline for the sale rack anywhere I go.  The items there are marked down sometimes as much as 60-70%.  But check those signs because items on the sale rack are usually marked down even more.   ...more

Pre and Post Parenting Differences

 I'm never going to let my child eat anything processed.  I'm never going to let them have plastic toys.I'm never going to be able to stick to these rules....more

The problem with the internet

As a parent I have the ability to help shape a little life.  There are many ways I could have gone about it but I decided that I wanted Garrett to learn from my example.  I never felt that the "do as I say not as I do" method was very effective for anyone....more

Thank you Gretta. My son is not the only one reaping the benefits. He's become my moral ...more

Great Gift Ideas: Easy Fabric Headband

I have a couple headbands I bought at a craft fair a few years ago that I love.  I wanted a couple more and decided to do a search for a headband pattern but came up empty.  So in true Crafting Hobbit form I made my own pattern and decided to share it with everyone. I used my sewing machine but you could always hand sew this as well. ...more

Family Fun Day: IKEA

I'm an explorer, always have been. I can find fun just about anywhere.  So when we needed to pick up a few things from IKEA we knew we could kill some time there. ...more

Great Gift Ideas: Zipper pouch or How I learned to stop fearing and love the zipper

Great Gift Ideas: Zipper pouch or How I learned to stop fearing and love the zipper. Zipper pouches are adorable and useful but sewing with a zipper can be a daunting task.  I know I was nervous about working with them.  My first attempt with a zipper it ended up on the wrong side.  I just didn't know what I was doing.   After a short search I found a great tutorial (and we all know how I love tutorials) for making zipper pouches....more

Why are we so afraid of germs?

3 months ago my mom came in for Garrett's 1st birthday.  She came in a day early so we had some time to spend together.  We went for a walk with the little guy and then got lunch.  Garrett had learned to walk recently and was walking about 40% of the time....more