Switching from Palm Treo to Droid ROX!!

...I’d seen the iPhone and even won one in a drawing at a technology tradeshow. I admit they are sleek and beautiful with a dreamy UI, definitely worth coveting. But the exclusive relationship that Apple and AT&T have over the iPhone is a DETERRENT to smart consumers like me who have spent years hopping around different wireless providers and are perfectly happy to stay with Verizon Wireless. I vowed to buy an iPhone as soon as they made them available on the Verizon network. I sold the iPhone I’d won, unopened, on eBay and waited. Then along came the Droid… ...more

A Room of One's Own

I wish I could trade places with my cat.  She lies there on the cushioned bench swing in the morning sun, utterly and completely relaxed and blissfully sleeping.  She’s oblivious and impervious to all the daily comings and goings I find myself maddeningly overwhelmed by.  I envy her peacefulness. ...more

Mars Needs Women

Mars needs women. There aren’t enough women working in technology. ...more

Hooray and welcome to BlogHer.

I'm loving your techgurlz blog and look forward to ...more