How to Really Use Google Reader

So, how do you keep up with all the great reading on the Internet? I have to admit that until last week, I was not very good at it.  I finally, FINALLY started using Google Reader.  OMG, why didn't I do it like 3 years ago?!  It is awesome!  Everything you want to read, you just add to your list and then open your Reader everyday and all new stuff is posted! Love it! ...more

Are you ready to get organized?

Do you ever feel that you need inspiration and motivation to get organized and get things done?...more

Too Much Information?

How much is too much information on social networks and such?  What do you think is TMI? The full blog:   I've been thinking lately about what I and other folks put out there for everyone to see.  How much information is too much?  Where should we draw the line?  How do parents of kids that have Facebook and Twitter deal with this issue?   I'm still lucky.  My kids are only 3 and 4.  So how does a mom of a 16 year old or older de...more

The new National Educational Technology Plan  The US Department of Education just released its National Educational Technology Plan, entitled Transforming American Education: Learning Powered by Technology.   Click ...more

Building your brand on Facebook

Flippin for the FLiP!

Praying for @laylagrace

   view my blog @ ...more

Are YOU addicted to technology?

Like other substance addicts, tech-crazed geeks live in a state of denial. Let's face it, if you're reading Gizmodo, you're probably addicted to technology to some degree. But just how addicted are you? Take this simple test to find out. ...more

iPhone Apps for New Mothers and Mothers-to-be

This is a very popular app for expecting mothers.  It is the Pregnancy Tracker from   ...more

I hope everyone enjoys these helpful sites that I add for moms.  If you have any ...more

A is for Apple, I is for iPhone...the best iPhone Apps for Kids and Preschoolers

I am always looking for new iphone apps for my kids for our iPhone and iPod touch. One reason is to keep my kids busy when there is something important I need to get done. Another reason is because it is the way the world is headed. I believe that it is the new wave of the future. There is going to be an app for everything!...more