Shuddle Rideshare Service For Families (Discount Code!)

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On The Go With ZAGG Pocket Bluetooth Keyboard (Giveaway!)

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Top April Fools Tech News Updates 2015

April “1st” is my favorite day because it just brings out the best in everyone.. News is much more colorful on this day...more

Dolby Atmos Tech Update and Insurgent Preview!

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How To: Mobile Photo Printing and Photo Crafts

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Trend Update: Are Digital Consumers Happy With Smart #Tech Devices?

I have a simplistic attitude towards consumer technology that stems from my background in programming, database design, usability testing and technical project management: the device have a good interface and fit in the workflow of my daily life. This sounds easy but in reality has been my biggest challenge. I have experienced usability challenges on everything from smart watches that are not smart, which this BGR blog post documents very well, to smart devices, which ...more

Tips: Find Family Friendly Videos For #Kids With YouTube Kids #App

Because kids have access to browsers on many devices they can roam the internet which can result in kids seeing inappropriate content. The best defense for parents is to make sure they educate their kids on internet safety and have regular safety talks -so communication between kids and their parents is key. Along with that, introducing family friendly apps can also help kids stay within the boundaries of family friendly content ....more

Movie Preview: 2015 Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

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