(Originally posted Nov. 6 over here)Today on my way to church, as I was turning left on a left arrow (as in, no one else should’ve been coming at me from the opposite lanes), someone across from me turned right without even slowing down for her TOTALLY red light. I was fortunate enough that I saw she wasn’t slowing, so I entered the intersection cautiously and gave her a little honk to let her know she had pissed me off (not to mention broken the law and stuff)....more
If it makes you feel better I once gave the finger to a police officer in a ghost car. He was ...more


(Originally posted on Nov. 5 over here)...more


(Originally posted on Nov. 4 over here)Went to Hooters for the first time. Good wings! Kinda weirded out by all the scantily-clad 16-year-olds. Kinda also inspired to work on my rock hard abs in case I ever hit hard times and have to work a job where my hot bod is a key point on my resume....more


(Originally posted on Nov. 3 over here)I wash my hair about three times a week. Is that gross? Not necessarily…until I add that sometimes I don’t wash my hair right after a really sweaty workout.Just felt like a little True Confessions session today. In case you wondered, yes: today is one of those times that I’m going to bed with post-workout dirty hair. But I’m going to the gym first thing tomorrow, so it’s excusable as long as I wash it after that, right?...more


I work with a lot of interesting people. Some socially awkward people. A few obnoxious ones. But if you asked me to point out THE person at my office who makes me most uncomfortable, there is one who stands out above the rest....more


I recently switched birth control methods, because I’ve heard that the pill can cause a noticeable reduction in sex drive and I’ve probably had less sex in the first two years of marriage than most people have in the first six months. So I am really hoping (especially for the sake of my very horny husband) that getting the pill out of my system will help me amp up my libido and be more excited, more often, about sex....more