What is Worth Protecting More?

     I am a conflicted American citizen. My husband is an expert marksman. He was a sharp shooter while in the Marines and served as the Firearms Instructor for his police department for 18 years. My brother is a responsible adult who finds enjoyment in target shooting, researching his guns and follows the rules that apply to our state when purchasing his weapons. My sister, brother-in-law and nephews all enjoy family time at the range....more

An Open Letter of Apology to my Teenage Children

I’m sorry you think your life is so terrible that you can’t wait to turn 18 and leave.  I’m sorry you think I am a “creeper and stalker.”  I’m sorry that you hate how I am aware of current trends and technologies.  And I am sorry that you are mad that I am not one of the “chill” parent who don’t care what their kids are up to....more

If Mom Has to Pull Over, Don't Look...OK?

I am about to experience, but hopefully, not remember, one of my worst fears in life. No, I'm not about to be eaten alive by a 600lb tarantula. I am not about to walk into 12th grade science class butt naked. Nor am I going to eat squirrel pot pie with stewed okra. I am going to have a Brazilian Butt Lift. (AKA colonoscopy.)Your hiney just clenched, didn't it? Its ok, I know the feeling....more

Why I will NEVER work for Websters.

If your ever bored, or just looking for a serious laugh, check your “User Added” dictionary on your phone. On my Droid Incredible II its located at SETTINGS: LANGUAGE & KEYBOARD: TOUCH INPUT: PERSONAL DICTIONARY....more

The Great Glue Trap Incident of 2009

I know this is in my archives from my old blogspot, but out of sight, out of mind and last night the kids and I were talking about it and I still laugh till I cry…so I had to share…man, do I wish I had pictures for this one…..It was an early spring day in 2009 at the Monica Household....more

Yeah... Im THAT mom!

OK.. I admit it. I’m THAT mom.. I am the mom who checks the calendar every day to see when school starts.. ...more

Are they ALL yours???

No.. theyre not ::eye roll:: I just take random children out to restraunts, grocery stores, pediatricians office...etc.Yeah.. thats right.. I just collect kids wandering along the roadside, that just all happen to look EXACTLY like my husband or I and say "Hey, kid, let me take you to Ruby Tuesdays" or " Hey, kid... need a check up? ...more