[Strawberry creamsicles] Homemade summer treats - Fruit popsicles

My kids are (normally) allowed to have one dessert after dinner. I say it "a dessert", but in fact, it can be a lollipop or a scoop of ice cream. They are allowed to pick two small treats from their Halloween bag for the months of November and December. They can't even finish all the treats after two full months....more
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[Salade Niçoise] French beach style salad - Nice style Full meal salad

I am in the middle of Roland Garros frenzy, aka French Open madness. It is an event I get excited for so very much! Well, it's actually the exciting four months that start with French Open in May and go all the way to US Open in New York until September. :)Hope my superstar, aka Roger Federer, will win his 17th grand slam title! Fingers crossed....more

[Cold Udon] A perfect summer noodle dish

It's a long weekend! Yay.Today is Victoria day of 2012,  federal Canadian public holiday celebrated on the last Monday before May 25, in honour of Queen Victoria's birthday....more
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[Tulip Festival] A festival started with a royal princess

The story starts with the war.Once upon a time, in 1943, a baby princess was born in a foreign country where her parents have been sheltering during Nazi occupation of their country, in the Second world war....more
There those tulips are wow tulips. I have only seen them a couple of times in Ottawa and only ...more

Tarte Tatin: Upside-Down Apple Pie Made With a Cast-Iron Pan

Cake and bread, or baked goods in general, are a "must' in my daily life. Have you had a day without bread or any type of carbohydrate?...more
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Second child syndrome? - How do you teach a child to read?

It took Mr. D and me awhile to admit that our younger son was different from his brother in so many ways, even though they share the same parents, by all means.We had thought Remi was standard, by all means, until his brother was born 27 months later.Remi has been picking most things, if not everything, very quickly, since he was a mere infant....more
I meant make sure that 'they' enjoy reading as well :-)more

How to organize spices/herbs~+ What is your favorite spice?

I'd like to share my herb organizing method.  :) If you have a better method than mine, please share with me~...more
 @KarenLynnn Hi Karen, Wow. That's really neat! I'd like to have one too. My mcCormicks are all ...more

[Parenting] The lesson learned from the kids' work

Do you remember our visit to Little Ray's reptile zoo? ...more
 @HomeRearedChef  Good evening Virginia, I AM So GLAD that you quit smoking! Thanks for sharing ...more

[Irish Boiled cabbage and ham] Traditional Irish comfort food - Great recipe to use leftover ham

An Irish friend of mine gave me this recipe.Ireland is one of the countries I've never visited so far. :(I've traveled over 30 countries in my life, but I've never had a chance to go to Ireland.... :( I dream of visiting the country of Guinness and Celtic Woman some day. :)...more
As an Irish person, may I suggest you are over complicating things with your recipe! Here in ...more

[Sharlotka] Basic Russian Apple Cake - Easy cake

I think I said this before, but let me repeat....more
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