Tips, Resources and Inspiration for Creating a Custom Twitter Background

We all love Twitter and their default backgrounds are nice, but wouldn't you like something a little more "you"? Something to match your website or just reflect your own personality? In this post, I'll show you some guidelines for creating a custom Twitter background, as well as some helpful resources in case using Photoshop isn't your thing. Away we go! ...more

Love it! Personalized Twitter backgrounds are a MUST for brands and personal brands :D

I had ...more

(Video Tutorial) How to Create a Seamless Background Pattern in Photoshop

ul.tut li {margin-bottom:8px;}Last time, I showed you how to create a simple striped background pattern using Photoshop. This time, with just a few more steps, we'll create a seamless background pattern using polka dots, but you can substitute anything you like, from stars to squares to tiiiiiny pairs of pants — there's no limit, really, so let's get started! ...more

(Video Tutorial) How to Create a Striped Background Pattern Using Photoshop

Last week, I showed you how to create a banner in Photoshop. That's great n' all, but wouldn't it be nice to snazz up your blog further with a background pattern? In this tutorial, I'll show you how to create a simple, but popular, style of background pattern – stripes. From there, you can let your imagination go nuts. ...more

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(Video Tutorial) How to Create a Simple Banner for Your Blog Using Photoshop

Now that we know how to change our banners in both and, it would be nice to have something to change it with! This week, I'm going to show you how to create a custom banner for your blog. This technique applies regardless of the blog platform, so feel free to create banners for Movable Type, Wordpress, Typepad... whatever blows your dress up. ...more
This tutorial has been extremely useful! Thank you so much! the only question I still have is ...more

The Changing of the Banner: How to Change a Banner on your Blog

Continuing last week’s discussion, How do I change the banner on my blog template?, in this post we’ll talk about how to swap out the banner on your Blogger blog with minimal effort. If you’ve recently signed up for, the free Google-owned blog service, you may be using one of their default templates. Those are nice, but it’s likely you’ll want to jazz it up a little with your own style. In a few simple steps, you’ll have your new banner in place. ...more
Awesome! Thank you I have been ripping my hair out trying to figure this out!more

The Changing of the Banner: How to Customize the Banner on Your Blog

One of the most frequent blog design questions I get asked is, How do I change the banner on my blog template? In this post, I'll talk you through changing a banner on one of the most popular free hosted services, -- but never fear, Blogger and other sundry blog platform fans, I'll cover you in a future post (and you may even glean enough from this tutorial to figure it out like the rock star you are). ...more

Yay! I'm glad this was helpful. And thanks for the kind words about our book. :) If you picked ...more

Playing Dress-up: The Non-Designer's Guide to a Blog Design Theme

Are you thinking about a new look for your blog? Or maybe you've not started a blog yet and want to make a fabulous debut when you do. Both are good reasons to know the foundation of a blog design. Whether you decide you want to DIY or hire a pro, it's savvy to know the lingo and have a solid understanding of a blog's "parts" so you can easily follow how-to instructions and/or communicate better with your designer. ...more

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