Weekend Update - News That Will Make You Snooze

Welcome to the first edition of the Weekend Update where we dare to update you on all the exciting shiznit you may have missed while pretending you have a life outside of the world wide web. Poser....more

How To Get Pregnant

Today, we're gonna get a little dirty.One of the most asked questions when it comes time to knuckle down and try to make a ...more

It's Not Me, It's You

Excuses For Burning Dinner

Have you ever spent the whole day sitting around in your jammies, watching tv, eating junk food, playing online, and/or chatting ...more

Warning Signs That You've Shared Too Much On Your Mommy Blog

Have you ever had someone read and follow your blog so closely that they felt as if they were part of your life? When you mourned over the untimely death of your favorite coffee maker, they cried right along with you? When you celebrated important potty training victories, they cheered and gave a hearty fist-pump with gusto?...more

Tractor Safety For Dummies And City Folk

Source: TToombs08As the summer begins to wind down, fall fills the air with the sweet smell of ripening vegetation. Yes, it’s that time of year again, when farmers across the nation head back into the fields to begin the harvest. Soon truckloads of wheat, corn, sunflowers, beets, and all the other wholesome foods will find its way onto the tables of hungry people everywhere. Well, at least in places where the severe drought hasn’t fried the crops to a crisp as farmers stand in their fields and weep uncontrollably....more