My daughter lied to me...

Vacation Time!

Rediscovered & Repurposed


Hot drinks for cold nights!

Eventhough I only have a miniscule role to play, I love being a part of the blogging community. How amazing is it that you get to connect with all these awsome and inspirational people from all over the world and be allowed to take a peek into their lives? It's really an endless ocean of information and inspiration that I just love to dive into....more

Are you decorating for Christmas yet?

 I know I am! We're hosting a Christmas dinner, so that means we have to get serious about our decorations. Since I'm using green dinnerware (which really isn't as tacky as it sounds), I decided to make some decorations of my own to match the color of my dinnerware. I'll color-coordinate just about anything if I get the change, so this is an absolute must in my book!...more

Pregnancy and Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome

Thank you - Thank you - THANK YOU for sharing this story. I am 34 and wasn't diagnosed with KTS ...more