Grow Back Your Hair — And Your Confidence

While I’ve made many confessions on this blog, none may be more embarrassing than this: I am bald. Okay, that may be a slight exaggeration. But in all honesty, I have battled bald spots throughout...more

Nursing Care: Turn to the Best

Recently, I started volunteering as a “friendly visitor” and spending time with a...more

I Am Always Ready for Reddi-wip

Time to fess up, Aging Gals: Aren’t we all...more

Last Gun in America

Twelve year old Casey Wilcott was declared the winner today. By default. “He was always most comfortable with a gun in his hand,” Casey’s proud mother would have said if she was still here ....more

How I Got My SAG Card

It used to be that getting your SAG – or Screen Actors Guild – card was a big deal for actors who wanted to act onscreen. It was a big deal because it was so incredibly difficult… in a Marxian way. Not Karl, but Groucho ....more

Circus Freaks

I went with Bitty to a casual business lunch the other day. Her cohort really wanted to meet me. “Everyone’s fascinated by the gays,” Bitty said ....more

Star Wars Episode VII: Visiting the ADHC

Yippee, there’s a new Star Wars movie on the horizon and, hurray, all the original 1977...more

The Breakfast Morbidity Club

Today Bitty and I went to our favorite bakery for breakfast....more

10 Things to do during Menopausal Insomnia

1. Turn on the ceiling fan and open all the windows 2. Confirm the actuality of restless leg syndrome 3 ....more