Olivia Is Back! Why We Love "Scandal"

Shonda Rhimes’s Scandal is back, which means you might find your Twitter timeline taken over this Thursday night by cryptic tweets about gladiators, white hats, and improbable political conspiracies. Avid fans, myself included, are ready and eager to resume the breathless real time commentary and analysis that have made Scandal the “Most Tweeted Show on television.” ...more
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The Other Double Standard: On Humor and Racism in Feminism

Last week, The Onion published a piece satirizing Chris Brown and Rihanna’s recent break-up. The “joke”: Brown still has “abusive feelings” for Rihanna and is devastated because he “always thought the 25-year-old singer was going to be the woman he’d beat to death one day.” Cue creepy details of his imagined methods of assaulting and murdering Rihanna. ...more
@WonnnderWoman Black people aren't stupid, WonnnderWoman. They know the old Southern Democrats ...more