what to do when your husband makes you sick!

I have not checked in for a while, but have been very busy. Right now my current situation is my husband driving me crazy. I have experienced a large loss of income at work since July and have been struggling to adjust from making 1000 a week to 300. Awful, and at the same time my husbands job has been up and down. Mostly down. So as a typical couple we worry and fight about finances, but more than that having him around more since his work is slow makes me even more annoyed! Does anyone else have the same issues happening at home? Its not just about money, its more of an attitude I feel....more


Well my baby has left me and seems to have forgotten all about me now that she is in Kindergarten. I miss her but am using my newly found free time to rediscover myself. Being a mom and wife gives you an identity but also takes away part of yourself. You forget who you are and the things you like to do. I know everyone out there thinks back to their single days when life was carefee, you could nap or go to lunch.. ha. I dont want those moments or days back but I do want to learn about what my life can offer me now....more


So I would just like to share a funny story, also its gross, but anyway... so my brother in law has been living with us for several months and much to my dismay he will still be here for another month, but he is family so what can I do? I would expect my husband to put up with my family if they needed. So obviously we share the washer and dryer with him and he happend to wash his clothes right before I washed my, so much to my suprise when I pulled my clothes out of the wash to put in the dryer a used condom came flying up towards me!!...more
ewwwwwww (but at least he's having safe sex, right?)more

work sucked

So I would like to say that sometimes people suck, not any of you of course, haha, but just people in general can be terrible. I already said I wait tables at a restraunt, and heres my issue, if you are going to go out and sit at my table in my section for 2 hours can you please leave the credit card slip. NO not a tip, the signature slip, heres what happened, some bozo purposly or accidently took the slip== No tip! I would just like to know that you intentionally left no tip, bc that I can deal with, but having to take it pro bono bc you took the slip really sucks....more
@anonymissdeb thanks, your feedback is inspiring, i could not do massages, at least i dont have ...more

help me

So this is my first blog, Ive been researching all day. Im still struggling so if anyone has some feedback on how to turn this blog into something wow worthy please help!...more
@kf-in-georgia thank you, you were very helpful in your response. i appreciate it.more