Big girls Can Play With Dolls Too

You ever have one of those day's when it's all a bit blah and then something totally unexpected happens to put the biggest smile on your face ever? Yesterday was one of those days. ...more

Je Veux Le Mercredi


A Short Story

Victoria Beckham Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection

A lot of people have an opinion on Victoria Beckham, her life, her dress sense, her marriage, her pout, her handbag collection etc etc. I don't know her (funnily enough) but in my opinion, the woman sure can design a dress. ...more

Snow Break Saturday

New York Fashion Week - Fall 2010 Collections

Feast your eyes on some of my favourite images from the catwalks of my favourite city.  Diane Von Furstenberg...more

Jasper Garvida London - Autumn/Winter 2010

Just Be Cool


Jumping On The Bandwagon


Going Greige

 I love having painted nails, it's an instant mood brightener when I catch site of them and makes me feel like the girly girl is still in there. In amongst the mummy stuff, the washing, ironing, cleaning and food shopping, she's still alive and kicking. With manicured toes. Besides, time spent of an evening painting my nails is less time spent sat on my arse drinking wine or eating chocolate... or both. ...more