Mondays Don't Have to be BLAH

Let me start off by saying, "Happy Monday. You are Awesome".See, Monday is already starting on a positive note.We party, relax and have so much fun over the weekends that we just want it to last a bit longer. Then the alarm goes off (or if you are like me a little one wakes up) and you realize that it marks the beginning of a new week. ...more

Just Gor For It: Blog Round-Up

Happy Friday! This has been a 'just go for it' type of week for me. I started a video blog column, which caused me to be both excited & nervous. I had been thinking & writing about doing it for a while, and I just decided it was time to go for it.“Whatever it is your heart desires, please go for it, it’s yours to have”. ~Gloria Estefan...more
Please also share any great inspirational stories that you have read this week in the columns. ...more

Are You the Reason Why You Aren't Getting New Clients

I will be working with Marco on a weekly advice column. Marco is an art/creative director/video guy over at babytorpedo. We thought it would be fun to collaborate and add a touch of humor (at least we think we are funny) to questions that we get asked frequently. If you have topics that you would like us to address, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below....more

Start Selling Your Products Online Today

 It is great making wonderful products, but it is even better when people start buying your wonderful products. Right? You make it because you love doing it, but you smile when people show you that they love it too by buying it. I still remember when I sold my first print on Etsy. It was actually to someone in Singapore. At the time, I did not know how to ship international items. I learned quickly. So, how can you start selling online? ...more

Be Phenomenal - Monday Motivation

 "Overcome the notion that you must be regular. It robs you of the chance to be extraordinary" ~Uta Hagen Monday motivation is all about reaching beyond the regular to get to phenomenal. It is about dreaming bigger and expecting better. Find your reason to get a higher a better place and make it happen. Make it a reality. Key Points:...more

Monday Motivation: Start

 It's Monday and it is definitely time for a bit of motivation. What are waiting to start? When would be the perfect time? What is holding you back from doing what you love? "Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can." ~Arthur Ashe ...more

How to Discover Your Big Idea: 3 Questions You Need to Answer

You have had as Oprah calls it your ‘Aha Moment’. You now know your life purpose and you are ready to start your big idea. Congratulations you are ahead of the bunch! You might be feeling excited and nervous all at once. Thoughts are probably rushing through your head so quickly that you are having a hard time keeping up (grab a pad and jot all those thoughts down). Now the works begins. Let’s start at the beginning and establish a solid foundation for your business....more

Business, Kids, & Summer Vacation: 5 Ways to Balance Your Business While Kids Are Out From School

5 Ways to Balance Your Business While Kids Are HomeSummer is officially here (not quite yet but almost) and the kids are ending their school year. This means that if you work from home & have school-age children (and don't homeschool), your routine is going to be altered. You will now have to factor in family vacations, a not so quiet house, and daily mini excursions. Having a system in place for these changes are crucial to a happy, balanced, and productive summer....more

Monday Motivation: Minimalist Style

     I am a bit slow to post today. I am blaming it on Monday. I am supercharged knowing that this week is going to be great. I am going to be organized, balanced, and ultimately awesome and I know that you will be too. Here are some great motivational prints to start the week. ...more

Smartphone: A Mom’s Best Accessory (Infographic)

My smartphone is definitely my best and must have accessory. I absolutely need it! At home, I use it to take business calls. On the go, I use it to check emails and tweet. It is a definite for quiet (or at least seated) children during lunch or dinners at restaurants. It is loaded with as many children apps (maybe more) than my own. It has withstood dropping, wet hands and the occasional drool. It goes with any outfit and always has a protective cover (well most of the time). Am I alone? Well according to the infographic below, I am not....more