Wake and (Fake) Bake! My Experience With K2 Fake Pot

A ritzy headshop on Newbury Street where, after nervously shuffling at the counter for a few minutes, I selected a bag of K2, the legalized pot-alternative that’s been sweeping the nation for the past year or so. The scruffy dude behind the counter rolled his eyes as I asked him half a dozen questions, then asked me, “Dude, have you never smoked pot before?!” Uh, sir, I don’t even take cough syrup. But instead, I just attempted to bat my eyelashes until he agreed to roll me a fake-weed joint. ...more

I've actually never heard of K2, probably because I've never had to look far for the real thing. ...more

Politely Powerless: When Self-Defense Fails

Yesterday, I suffered unwanted sexual advances from a man in a way that I can’t seem to find an appropriate word for. Was it molestation? Sexual assault? Too nuanced to label? Interestingly, the reactions of others only added to the confusion. ...more

I relate strongly to your reaction in the situation, it upsets me to read it because it reminds ...more

The Infinite Sadness of 5-Hour Energy

All afternoon, I sneaked glances at the lurid sunset-hued bottles and giggled gleefully to myself. Forget the concoction itself -- just looking at it was an anticipation orgy! When 2:30 finally rolled around, I was all but vibrating as I screwed off the cap, delicately wiped away the weird brown spots on the bottle lip, then gulped it down. ...more
Sounds like you took too much caffine. It does that to you maybe you should try just a normal ...more

NotThatKindOfGirl.net: figuring out just what kind of girl I'm not...

Hello! Just joined BlogHer to meet some other female bloggers with similar situations. I started my Not That Kind of Girl project about a month ago. Basically, I have challenged myself to do 250 COMPLETELY UNCHARACTERISTIC THINGS over the next 365 days, all while getting to know Boston and shaking off a four-year relationship. So far, I've managed to make a bit of an ass out of myself. ...more