Chocolate Cream Cheese Cookies - 1 Dough 3 Cookies

I love cookie dough that can be made into different cookies, especially this time of year. You just make up a double batch of the dough, or even triple it, and then add a little of this and a little of that and voila! Different cookies.This Chocolate Cream Cheese dough is delicious and malleable making it great for rolling and shaping. Oh, and it is delicious too....more

Is Your Math Anxiety Hampering Your Child?

Your child comes home with math homework, that awful Common Core math homework no less. He needs help. The method being demonstrated is different from what you learned. How do you react? ...more
That's what I usually hear, too, that either a person loves or hates math! Now that my son is ...more

Don't be a photo hoarder!

One of my biggest pet peeves right now are the picture hoarders in my life. I am trying to be good and get in the picture like we moms have been reminded we need to do. See......more

Should you jump in the TSUnami?

Really is a cool and exciting network.  Kind of addicting and very friendly people.  It was ...more

How I keep track of my Link Ups

The past few months I have been submitting my posts to various Link Ups, but as the number I contributed to grew, the harder it became for me to keep track of them....more

Pecan Maple Cream Tassies

It's the first Thursday of the month which means it is time for our monthly Fill the Cookie Jar post, where a group of bloggers get together and post a cookie recipe based on a monthly theme. And the theme for November is Thanksgiving. I bet you didn't see that one coming. And what do we have for dessert in most American households on Thanksgiving? ...more

Two Easy Upcycled Halloween Decorations

When I saw these two projects on Pinterest I knew I had to make them because they are cute and FREE! ...more

Easy Tortilla Soup

I found this recipe for Tortilla Soup in Ma'am's original recipe archives and it looked so simple and satisfying I knew I had to make it for dinner and get it on the blog for Fall. Yes, I am still fantasizing about cool weather. Two extra bonuses are: -you probably already have the ingredients in the house and ...more

Halloween Witch Broom Cookies

I am so excited to share this month’s Fill the Cookie Jar recipe. Our theme this month is Halloween/ Pumpkin cookies.How cute are these Witches Brooms?!...more

Pesto Fries

I remember the first time I had Garlic Fries. I trudged all the way around Qualcomm Stadium asking everyone I saw with them where to find them. Then all the way back to my seat. But, oh my! was it worth it. It almost made up for the Chargers beating my Niners that day. Almost.But, do you know what is even better than Garlic Fries?...more