"Singularity" - Do you have a fear of being alone? Take heart.

What are you most afraid of? You know what I’m talking about – the one fear that grips you so tightly, you lose your breath. Yes, that one…. being ALONE. Lately, all I’ve heard about is this person or that person is willing to do anything and everything to not be alone. Person A is moving to the Carolinas with her unfaithful boyfriend so that she’s not alone. Person B took back her unreliable techie husband, but has a boyfriend on the side so that she certainly won’t be alone. Person C would rather stay in a status quo relationship than to be alive…. and alone....more

Discovery Science Center

Whew! Have we been busy during Little Girl’s Spring Break! In addition to visiting with family, we went to the Discovery Science Center first as part of our week of exploration. ...more

So does that mean I'm a cookie? [Approach to Weight Loss]

On my path to body transformation, I came across this article - "You Are What You Eat" by Kelly McGonigal Ph.D. I found it interesting enough to blog about because it's not suggesting DENYING yourself food, but taking a different approach altogether. Dr. McGonigal suggests consuming food that reflects who you want to be....more

Yes, it happened to me - "Blogger 101 Syndrome"

In this great Twitterverse of ours, it is rather easy to get lost amongst the bloggers, especially the large and in charge ones. Not too long ago, I consciously made the decision to start blogging. I worked it out with myself and I decided I would stay true to my writing voice and me.  I thought I'd chronicle the life of a single, "businessmama" as I call it, and all that entails....more

I struggled a little as to what direction I'd go because, as bloggers, short of jumping up ...more

There's fun to be had at Pretend City!

I had an afternoon free so I took my little chitlins to the Pretend City Children's Museum!...more

I just hate going because it is always so crowded! Even during the week there are school ...more

Hope You Dance

When my girl was born, I was just amazed. I think I sat there and stared at her for a while. To me, she was just perfection. In fact, I didn't know what to do with her, she was so small and new. I did know one thing - I had no dreams for her. I didn't have dreams that she'd grow up to be an astronaut or an attorney, or have a family, or travel the world. Nope, nothing like that. My thoughts were more mundane....more

The Tulips / 3 Simple Steps to Survive a Break-Up

Last Spring, I bought a pot of tulips for this small courtyard at my house. They were picture perfect and I thought they'd add color and life to the area. Well.. if you know me , you'll know that I eventually... killed them. Yes. Dead. Done. There, I said it! So I relegated the pot to the side of the house and it's been sitting there - pot and all - since last year. The other day, I was putting away stuff on the side when I noticed the pot again - it had EIGHT tufts of green somethings poking out from the soil! I was stunned. How did this happen? I stopped everything and just kneeled down, stared at it, and marveled. How did this plant spring back when it was clearly half past dead? Then it hit me. I had the same story....more

I definitely will.