Director Jill Soloway Talks Afternoon Delight: A Raw Look at Modern Motherhood and Women in Film

Afternoon Delight -- which nabbed director Jill Soloway the honor of Best Director at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival -- is the kind of movie that you don't get to just watch and forget about on the ride home. Sympathetic, funny, and well acted, it gets under your skin and into your pores, and it makes you think about the big things in a way few stories do. ...more
Can't wait to see this movie! Love her! And love this interview and the video. Thanks, Morgan!more

Beyond Awesome: Color-In Wallpaper

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Kitchinspiration: Orange French Toast

My Dad can really cook. Like, REALLY cook. As a kid I just kind of thought that that was what food tasted like. But as an adult I have learned that NO, in fact, not everyone can make food taste that good ....more

Stigma, Weed, and Taxes (Hold On To Your Hats)

Recently, LA city voters passed a proposition that will shut down roughly one thousand law-abiding, tax-paying businesses in its greater metro area. Business which contributed roughly 2.5 Million dollars to the local economy in taxes ALONE over the past year, not to mention the contributions made via payroll, mortgage/rents, suppliers, and the like ....more

I Know It’s Not Halloween, But These Are The Best Things I’ve Ever Seen

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Pesticides in Infant Formula? Seriously Similac?

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Purgeday Thursday: Automotive Edition

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Getting Comfortable With Discomfort

On the Medicinal Leeches. By D.B. Smith ....more

Oi Oi Oi

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Life Amongst The Beasts

Today on Babble I posted a collection of Twelve of the Top Dog Friendly Beaches Across The US. Did I find one near you? If not let me know so I can track one down or add your favorite ....more