Winning the Blame Game By Refusing to Play

         For me, the worst part about being one half of a broken engagement was that it wasn’t all my fault. I can look back and obsessively analyze every misstep and personality flaw that led me to this place, pick them apart, and fix them. ...more

You know, for me one of the most frightening moments come (usually in the middle of a fight, ...more

I Wouldn't Date Me Either...

The worst part about being an abandoned bride is feeling that the sigma of being a crazy, permanent-brizezilla-out-for-revenge will follow you for the rest of your life. ...more

Although i get that it may feel like it's tattooed on your soul.

Boys just generally ...more

Brain vs. Body

The worst part of this broken engagement brouhaha has absolutely nothing to do with weddings or marriage; it’s waking up every morning and going to bed every night alone, alone alone. ...more

Some where with a big dance floor, and cheesy music.  ...more

The Presence of a Silver Lining

The worst part about having your wedding cancelled weeks before the ceremony is that no one knows how to react. And believe me, this is a time in your life when you need people to say and do the right things. You need the people you love to be there, but they don't necessarily know what to do. It's like being in a sudden, tragic storm; the dark clouds both bring the rain you need shelter from and steal the light you needed to find your way home. ...more

Enabling My Way Down the Aisle

The worst part about being left at the altar is that, metaphorically or not, you’re up there all alone. You can’t look to anyone else but yourself. Maybe there will be time for pointing fingers later, but for the time being, one startling truth becomes quite clear: ...more

a good therapist is like a clean mirror.  He/She will allow you to see yourself the way ...more

Running Late

The worst part about thinking you’re getting married soon and this then proving to be erroneous is that it makes your whole life suddenly and drastically behind schedule. No matter how little you may have cared about the timing of your wedding and children and career before you made your marriage plans, once you find yourself forced back to square one, I guarantee that stupid biological clock women talk about will make its first unmistakable tick. ...more

The First of the Worst

The worst part of having your wedding cancelled on you is the immediate and terrifying realization that you are a person who’s had their wedding cancelled on them. That’s you. Left at the proverbial altar. For many people who know you, that fact is now your identity. ...more

Thanks for the tips, Denise! I really appreciate it!

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Planning History

   Eleven months ago, Hillary kicked off the primaries by winning New Hampshire on my 26th birthday. Glee would be an understatement of my mood that night. Not only was I watching my idol taking her first step toward the White House, but I had been caught off-guard by a surprise pajama birthday party thrown for me by my fiancé. Everything was in place. ...more

What a wonderful post! Congratulations in learning to define and find happiness on your own ...more