Plantains and Bollywood fashion

http://thebaboo.comWhen I was little my mom used to tell me that if I didn't wear all of my Bollywood-style bracelets my hair would fall out and Gypsies would steal me. I still remember walking down the street with her in complete terror, asking, "Is that a Gypsy??" I don't even think she cared, as long as I had those bracelets on!Read more here....more

Paleo truffles

Paleo challenge, day 4

http://thebaboo.comI'm on day 4 and so far I've lost 3 pounds and my shorts fit better!More detail here!...more


http://thebaboo.comI was at Mike’s house and he decided to order some food to go, and it just turned plain ugly.As Mike was ordering his food (over the phone), people kept talking to him as he tried to answer questions, so when the woman on the other line asked for his phone number (in the midst of two other conversations) he accidentally gave the first 3 digits of his number and the last 4 digits of his dad’s number. It happens…I guess....more

Paleo challenge, day 1

One of the perks of going paleo is that for the days before, as you’re getting ready, doing research, making grocery lists, planning meals, and going grocery shopping, you can say goodbye to all of your favorite foods by eating them (in large quantities) and not feeling guilty because you’re going paleo and you deserve this crap! Continue here!...more

Chocolate fudge pie for under 150 calories

http://thebaboo.comYes. I made this pie and expected it to be horrible since one of the main ingredients is tofu. It was so easy to make and everybody loved it. Only one person, Mike, said it tasted like “health” food and wasn’t that into it…but he’s not into sweets or Modern Family, so…...more
@Smart Moms Save Money It is soo good-the pictures make it look wet and pudding-like, but it's ...more

How to load brushes in Adobe Photoshop Elements
@victorias_view I've never heard of it-I'll check it out!more


Spoiled poochie woman

Precious, the spoiled boxer puppy, opens her first-ever (and first of many) Christmas gift! read more here)


http://thebaboo.comThis past weekend my mom, sisters, and I took our dogs and Precious to a free group training session with a miracle dog trainer. He’s definitely a tough love, your-dogs-look-mother-f@&$(*$-stupid-in-diapers type of trainer....more
Wow just Wow!!! I am a PROUD owner of a full blooded American Pitbull Terrier and a Pit/Lab mix. ...more