Save the Date!

Photo by Dafne Cholet When planning a fundraiser, choosing a date is more than simply looking at the calendar.  Consider your organization'...more

How to Buy Happiness- Really!

We know, it sounds funny, but in the spirit of the season we thought you might enjoy this meaningful, but funny, video which reminds us what we at Big Change already know - giving makes you happier.Want to know how money really CAN buy you happiness?  Check out TEDx presenter and researcher Michael Norton's TED talk: ...more

#GivingTuesday 2014

 IT'S HERE!!!  IT'S HERE!!!  IT'S FINALLY HERE!!  One of our most favorite days of the year!!!...more

5 Easy Ways to Say "Thank You!"

Card by John AshcroftCheck out these 5 easy ways to say "Thank You!" to all of the people who make it possi...more

Donation? Investment? There's A Lot In A Word

Charity: Water Headquarters in Manhattan...more

I Double-Dog Dare You!

photo courtesy of Living60010Creating a bit of competit...more

Hop Aboard the Meal Train

Themed Pasta Raises Money

We, at BIG, are always looking for new and creative things to sell to raise money.  For those of you looking for something unique and geared towards f...more

Set a Theme and Let Your Attendees Do the Decorating for You!

In fundraising, budgeting is imperative.  When hosting an event, big dollars are often spent on decorations to create a fun and lively atmosphere.   Here's a great idea for how you can decorate and get that party vibe without spending your hard earned dollars.•     •     •     •     •...more