Jane Eyre, Take Two

After reading Jane Eyre again (the first time being about 15 years ago), I’m decidedly of a differing opinion than I was of it before. It is true that I still do not like Mr. Rochester, and find nothing redeeming about him; it is true that Jane is not the woman I always hoped for. However, having more of life experience behind me, I am more compassionate towards her, having a full understanding that you definitely cannot help who you fell in love with. ...more

I'm THAT age.

This morning, I had coffee. It's Thursday, and for the past few weeks I've needed a cup of coffee just to feel human in the morning. I'm sitting here at work, thinking about the things I need to do today, and it hits me. I'm THAT age.  ...more

It's love and hate.

Twilight. Ahh, the age of Vampires is back. ...more


I took some wonderful photographs this weekend. Some, admittedly, are for the iHeartFaces blog-fest, but most are just for me. Dylan is going to live with his dad. This is, and is not, as horrible and as heart-wrenching as it sounds. We finished the custody agreement last night, and short of tidying up a few details, we should be ready for the notary by the end of this week. ...more