This Auto Show Model Talks to Women, Wears Clothes -- For Real

Last week my inbox was bombarded with messages from people sending me a link to this story: Carmakers cover up sexy models to win over women. I was confused, because at face value the article seemed about 15-20 years behind -- until I saw it was about Europe. They are finally putting some clothes on their auto show models! That's nice. They're only about 20 years behind US auto shows in respecting women as a viable automotive marketing demographic. ...more

As self proclaimed motorhead, I love this post. As active feminist and mom, I love this ...more

The Booth Babe: Life After the Auto Show

There was a terrific article in Spin magazine about what rock stars do for a living after the fame runs out. I've often wondered about this ... not every band you hear on the radio becomes Bon Jovi or Coldplay, and most won't get airplay on their second or third albums. Plain economics dictates there can only be so many studio musicians and producers, so how are these peeps who had a tantalizing taste of fame absorbed back into the mainstream? It was interesting to read the wide variety of post-fame careers. I won't give it away by naming names and careers, but it is definitely worth a read -- and it got me thinking ... What happens to booth babes when the bright lights of the auto show dim? ...more

You left out one possible future career: writer! 8-) Looks like you've already got that going ...more