How to Write a Good Reaction Piece to the News

I thought I was good at coping until I witnessed the aftermath of Trayvon Martin’s murder. That murder, and the countless ones to follow, impacted me in a way I was unable to predict. Trauma and loss is like that, you know? One day you are clunking along and posting about something asinine on Facebook when suddenly the trending topic turns into another tragedy. After Mike Brown’s death, I recall saying to a friend, “Where are we gonna put this?”...more

On The Rebound

Alternate Title: Your Friend Is An Asshole Who Has a Hidden Agenda Based on Their Own Fear.Alternate Title: I'm Tired of Writing Blog Posts About People Who Are Bad Friends...more



Voter Registration Day: I've Been Registered for Years, But a Kansas Clerk Turned Me Away

September 22 is National Voter Registration Day. I never thought my right to vote would be affected. Find out how you can sign up to exercise your rights....more
CarlPederson You're a man.  How many times has your last name changed?  It's not easy having to ...more

What My Momma Taught Me About Sexual Orientation

I’ve never written about this, so I am going to need lots of love and encouragement. I have no doubt there are going to be some haters. There always are. More than anything I sense my growing fear is the rejection of those people that I like and care about… but with authenticity comes risk, so here goes....more