My Dollar Store Makeup Experiment

Guilty as charged! I must name is Teri and I'm a makeup snob. Altogether now, "Hi, Teri". Like so many of you Busy Chicks(TM), I spend hundreds of dollars a year on my cosmetics and skincare. My two favs are MAC girl and love Shiseido Sun Protection Compact Foundation Great products, but both can be costly. So, anytime I can cut some corners on shadows and other items, I certainly do. So, I decided to experiment a bit. My curiosity led me to try a few Dollar Store brands...yep, DOLLAR STORE brands!...more

Who Knew? I would love to see a pic of your eyes. I need some tips :)more

Talking to Kids about BP Oil Spill

"He's scared to eat fish!" says Kendra, an Overland Park mom of eight-year-old Adam (not pictured). It's difficult, in our technological culture, to monitor all the information children receive about the catastrophic BP oil spill. The fact of the matter is that the situation is just plain scary - to adults and kids alike....more

5 Uses for plastic zipper bags

1. Cosmetic Catch-All The small bags are perfect for storing your cosmetics inside your purse. I’ve tried dozens of “real” cosmetic bags through the years. Call me Ellie Mae Clampet, but the simple, plastic zipper bags work best.2. Vitamins...more

Gotta say, I LOVE using them for make-up.  It's easy to see what's there, it's not bulky ...more

Makeup Option - Take it off!

Even the most beautiful of celebrities take a day off from the make-up grind. The best news is that most of them look just like us -beautiful! Take the pressure off, Busy Chick! Please excuse the lo-o-o-o-o-o-o-ong gap. Remember, it's a new baby. Scoll down to see what I'm talkin' about....more

Shoe Shopping for The Busy Chick

Buying shoes is a blast when you know how to do it - The Busy Chick Way!...more

Best Tips for Blogging Ladies?

Hi I'm Teena a.k.a. The Busy Chick. I just started a new blog (after much..probably too much... planning). It looks so lonely with no followers. It's a site with beauty, fashion and even fun stuff for busy women. Short articles, useful information is my goal. View it at: share your best tips for blogging and becoming popular.Thanks, guys! Oh yes, give me your blogs and I'll follow you!Glad you're all here and best of us all. :)...more

Sparkle Like the Rich Girls

For those of you that like the rich, sparkly eye color shades of a top name brand cosmetic line, there’s great news for you!...more