Three things to shake off office dread

8 a.m. Frustration. Commitment sieved through pursed lips. Tension. 5 p.m. Despair.When the day begins with dread is it time to look for a new job? When the boss is the one who doesn't 'get it' is it time to look for a new job? When the career would be perfect except for the pay, the co-workers, the meager or missing benefits is time to look for a new job?...more

Work isn’t about friends, is it?

There’s the people you work for, and there’s the people you work with. Usually you spend more time with the people you work with, but those relationships usually don’t pay the bills. So, how do we balance both ends of the work-interaction spectrum? The tension between the two reminds me of Hollie. She was hired as a category sales rep to zero in on a specific type of business, those outside of the local area. In order to create a territory for her, the manager peeled regional accounts off of everyone else’s territory, mine included, and gave them to Hollie. ...more

Managing or parenting, it's almost interchangeable

“Disciplining your child is a challenge all parents face. Decisions revolve around what is the right amount of discipline and what is too much. “Here’s a third thought, what if when you asked your children to do something, they did it right away?” Thus, began a post I started using a co-workers notes on an audio program she had recorded with a family life counselor. When the co-worker reviewed my output, she grimaced, tore it up and rewrote the whole dang thing, noting, “That's not what we talked about at all.” ...more