winter shortbread

I heard sweet laughter coming from...more

baked by my readers | contest winners | thoughts on community

This melts my heart. Every once in a while, I’ll receive pictures of my recipes made by you!...more

feeding a moody appetite | italian sausage bake

Meal planning is a funny thing. The idea is to create a list, perhaps on a Sunday, and plan out your meals for the rest of the week. It could be based on ingredients you already have or...more

egg white omelet with sprouts + pickled jalapeños

Let’s pretend we’re at brunch. What are you going to choose? A stack of toasty Belgium waffles with fresh berries and cream? ...more

3 days of clean eating

I’ll admit it. I judge a book by its cover. Especially cookbooks ....more

fried cauliflower with dill yogurt sauce

This is it! I’ve found a way to balance out all the green salads I’ve consumed in a lifetime! And now, I won’t...more

weekend things

Don’t get too excited. It’s just seltzer. I don’t normally dress up my...more

crispy sunchoke chips with lemon-rosemary salt

I don’t fry that often. You know why? Grease is really annoying to clean and let’s face it- fried food is not the healthiest ....more

sourdough guide update + a gift to you!

Are you a bread baker? Do you aspire to be a bread baker? I did ....more

mustard roasted cauliflower with thyme

Here’s a quick one for you today- This dish was...more