busy morning breakfast cookies

Ah, yes… the infamous morning routine. Just when you think you’ve figured it all out- lunches, homework, outfits, commute-...more

10 minute sun gold salsa {for the freezer}

We have a ton of sun gold tomatoes growing in our garden at the moment. Our neighbor gifted...more

whole grain zucchini bread with honey & walnuts

I’ve spent the entire summer upping...more

One Pot Prep, Easy Cleanup, 3 Delicious Recipes

The car smelled like dirt from the potatoes. I had just picked up my CSA vegetables and was stuck in the middle of...more

healthy in a hurry: roasted cauliflower tabbouleh salad with crispy toasted almonds

Today’s recipe is short and sweet- The boys are back to school in a few days, and we’re currently battling the elements: labeling school supplies, filling out papers, buying uniforms, doctor appointments- it’s like the holiday season, minus the cheer… I made a batch of tabbouleh to keep in the fridge for when I’m too burnt out to cook....more

finding authentic gazpacho

Tell me something… Who put retail stores in charge of dictating the seasons? You know, Christmas in July? Halloween candy in August?! ...more

5 minute white peach margaritas

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the ultimate zucchini slice

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