NeNe from Real Housewives of ATL talks to ME about Domestic Violence, Chris Brown and Rihanna

"My Life Without You" I begged you on hands and knees to try to live with me in peace, seem ...more

Let Talk about Love, Relationships and Anal Sex?

If you missed the show last night? SHAME ON YOU!!! We talked about Celebrity Mom Gossip, Blow Jobs, and Anal Sex Oh My! ...more

Hello, I went from Baby to Breakdown to a Dirty Martini

I am so delighted that I finally joined the ladies (moms, biz owners, speakers, teachers, visionaires and divalicious women) of BlogHer. I wanted to "formally" introduce myself to you all as I have been a long time fan and now member of this wonderful, funny, thought-provoking, fashion-savvy community. I am truly honored and hope that yuo will continue (like me) to do what you do so very well. ...more

Can a Mom have a break? Some days I want to Run Away

Some days, well, I’m not going to lie, I just want to walk out the door and run away. I fantasize that I get into my car and instead of heading to work, I drive to the airport, and fly somewhere warm and tropical island, with a beach, a sexy masseuse, with non-stop gin and tonics or endless glasses of REALLY good Appletinis. Can anyone help me with this? Can anyone help me escape? Really, can you kidnap me? So, yes, I fantasized this all week long about the perfect getaway. ...more
OH my... Thank you!! I day dream to run away. I'm sure I can be one of the characters at ...more