Homemade 'Pizza Pockets' [Easy]

Homemade ‘Pizza Pockets’  ...more

Guns n’ Florals

Unfortunately for me one of my best friends lives half way across Canada, but we hardly let that stop us from keeping an extremely close relationship. Not only do we talk on the phone every single day, we send each other 'care packages' every now and then filled with little gifts. Trinkets, magnets, mugs, food, joke underwear, soap. Little things. But they are all so meaningful because they were picked especially for one another. They are never extravagant or over done. But sweet, thoughtful gifts we bought and collected over the course of weeks or months....more

Mango Salsa Tacos {With Lime Cordial Chicken}

 This recipe started from a bland chicken salsa taco dish I ordered at a restaurant a few weeks ago while out with my husband. It wasn’t horrible, but it lacked pizzazz if you know what I mean. I was was badly craving something fresh, but I didn’t feel like a salad, so I ordered their ‘Chicken Tacos’ with apparently a ‘Mango Salsa’. I was wholeheartedly disappointed, but all that did was make me want to create my own version of that dish exactly the way I imagined it. Drool running down my chin and all.So…...more