Skillet Basil Cream Chicken

so i know i've posted quite a few chicken recipes. but i love chicken. and this chicken is my new favorite. while looking for new recipes on pinterest, i found a this recipe and played around with it a bit. its a hard thing to attempt to beat my all-time favorite, sherry chicken, but this one comes very close. we loved it! pat actually said this is his favorite thing i've made so far. (maybe i'm just getting better with time...?) ...more

Tipsy Nutella Hot Cocoa

is there really anything better than hot cocoa on a cold winter day?? i don't think so. i didn't think we could top my new favorite holiday cocktail, the caramel apple hot toddy (if you haven't tried that one should ) ..but mom just did. new favorite holiday cocktail...number 2!! we present to you, the tipsy nutella cocoa. infused with marshmallow vodka. (...yum) ...more

Caramel Apple Hot Toddy

this drink is...AMAZING. i mean...really good. i heard some people talking about 'hot apple pie cocktails' at work...and it sounded so good. i couldn't find any recipes online that i really liked. most included some type of sweetener or fruity liqueur...i just wasn't sure about that. after brainstorming with my mom for a while...and roaming the alcohol aisles...we came up with the absolute perfect holiday drink. i really can't explain how good this drink is. you're just going to have to make it and try it for yourself! ...more
@Darcie oh wow that sounds delicious!! i'll have to play around with that!more