Seconds, Thirds and Beyond..

I've realized that I post less, and less and less these days. And less. So I think I am just going to quit apologizing for my lateness and lack of posting ....more

Christmas and Holiday Books and Movies for Kids

It's my favorite season and time of year! And being a book lover, I am ADDICTED to holiday books for my kids. I think I have a whole library I could card catalog for them ....more

Worry Eaters

Since the holidays are right around the corner, I figured I would post a new 'counselor' toy that looks absolutely adorable. ...more

Getting Ready for Halloween

Here is my annual preschool Halloween books and movies post! ...more

Real Life

Last time I blogged was super forever ago. ...more

Meal Delivery Services

A few weeks ago I jumped on the latest trend and signed up for a meal box delivery service! ...more

Preparing for Kindergarten

My almost kindergartener had a few friends over for a playdate the other day and we were talking about how slloooow our kids take to get ready in the morning. ...more

Tonsil Surgery Recovery

Sorry for the looong delay in posting anything recently! ...more

30 Second Burst of Attention

I remember when my mom would talk on the phone as a kid, and I would keep bothering her, asking her questions, and talking to her like she wasn't on the phone at all. ...more

City Select Deal!

I rarely post deals on goods for kids but this one was too good to not tell you about! As you know, I test drove A LOT of double strollers when I was pregnant with my second. ...more