The Demon of Perfect

I am sitting under a brown blanket on brown bedsheets in my dorm room, the first time I have seen the place in over a month, and I am sick ....more

A Snippet of Soul Language from bell hooks

"From the people of the backwoods, I have learned that we can see into each other's hearts if we want to; that there is really never any need for words; that if you want to know a person you have to taek a good lok inside them, to move on inside their flesh, to open the doors of their heart and take a look. From the people of the backwoods I have learned that looking into a body this way ...more

A Year of Collected Experiences


South Asian American History Lessons

"These personal accounts allow us to glimpse an alternate picture of South Asian American history, one in which migrants from the subcontinent built lives with and among people who had come to New York City--and to Harlem--from different parts of the country and the world and who shared class circumstances, living conditions, parallel experiences of racialization, and eventually neighborhoods and families, once they settled in the city ....more

When I Can't Write, I Draw

Working on some new visual material ....more

The Cat Returns

Pages and pages and pages.That's what's characterized my life in the last few weeks - having produced my final theses for senior year of college, comprising of 90+ pages of creative non-fiction and academic analysis, with a little bit of environmental science thrown in there somewhere. Hence, writing (and also reading) for myself have really given way to the requirements of my college performance. But really, what's so new about that? ...more

Reading at the SAWCC Creative Commons Literary Festival!

I am excited to announce that this week I am going to be reading my own fiction at Asian American Writer's Workshop! Come see me read my work at the MIXTAPE - the opening event for the South Asian Women's Creative Collective's transmedia literary festival this Friday at 7pm. More info below: ...more


All my love to the people and experiences that have shaped me, particularly in the past year. I thank Allah for all of the people who I have had the great fortune to brush against in my short life on this earth, whether as friends and family or as those who have touched my life just for an instant. Perhaps I'm getting sentimental, but I feel all of your radiance lifting me up as I continue every day to seek ...more

A Little At A Time...

While much of NYC (and the East coast in general) is experiencing the intense ramifications of tropical storm Sandy, I am here safe, with power, and all my amenities. I feel extremely blessed that the storm just scared me, but didn't affect me much otherwise - our part of Manhattan is on a hill and fairly secure. I would like to extend my sympathies to all the people that are going through a much harder time right now ....more

Midterm Hiatus

I'll be taking off the next week or so due to midterm exams and papers rearing their ugly heads, but in the meantime you should check out some of my previous posts! Here are some of my favorite categories: ...more