Skillet Dijon Chicken Penne, a Little Party in a Pan

When I was a kid on summer vacation during those hot, humid days in Michigan, my friends and I would love to jump into the lake all at the same time, gripping each others hands tightly and squealing with delight as we made our leap. We’d go through our countdown, and either do a running jump off of a long dock, or stand in a row on the edge and push our little feet off as hard as we could, to go as far as we could, and scream with joy as we hit the water with a big “sploosh!” like boulders. Ah…childhood ....more

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus Dip, and Getting the Flavor Out of Life that You Put Into It

Life is a lot like food, isn’t it? It is open and ready—eager—to soak up all of the wonderful, amazing flavors that you’re willing to infuse it with. And it’s been created to do just that ....more

Tortilla Crunch Chicken Strips, and Taking a Big, Crunchy Bite Out of Life

Sometimes, what life throws our way can be a bit intimidating and overwhelming, can’t it? The things that we say and do to one another can be shocking. The surprises that get sprung on us that are not of the most celebratory variety; the relationships that end; the “hemorrhaging” of money that we didn’t expect; the loss of a loved one we didn’t see coming; the sickness that we had no idea was in there, hiding… You get my point ....more

“Bananas Foster” Baked Donuts with Buttered Rum Glaze, and the Unexpected Gift of Challenge

I’ve heard it said that it’s not until the rubber meets the road that a person can truly know what he or she is made of. And lately, I feel like life is trying to show me just that, in a myriad of poetic ways, some trivial and some a little more major. Take for a silly and simple example these delicious little “Bananas Foster” baked donuts here ....more

Tequila-Lime Chicken Burgers, and Embracing the Process of Becoming Brilliant, Amazing You

Have you ever considered that maybe, just maybe, we might actually fear becoming successful on some level? Sounds ridiculous and absurd, I’m sure. But what if I were to tell you that becoming the best, most powerful, most light-filled, most honest, most caring, most loving, and most empathetic human being that you could be would have enormous implications to the world around you? ...more

Creamy Chicken & Broccoli Stuffed Baked Potatoes, and Getting Back to Basics

I feel a bit like a woman on fire lately, and in good way. I’ve found myself looking around my home in the various rooms that contain those extra things that we don’t use and don’t need; at the various walls that hold too many paintings that don’t speak to us anymore; and into various built-into-the-wall shelves that have been comfortably housing now-obsolete CD’s, VHS tapes and even DVD’s that we no longer have any use for, and am wanting to take it all away and streamline everything. I’ve reached that point, and whenever that happens to me, there’s no going back ....more

Grilled Lemon Chicken Flatbread Wraps, and That Golden-Hued Evening Sky

Have you ever found yourself a little transfixed by that late day/early evening glowing skyline as it stretches across the horizon and envelopes everything below it, and to the sides of it, in a soft splash of gold? I certainly have, quite frequently; and it’s probably one of my favorite things in the world. It can be spectacular! ...more

Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes with Broiled Cheddar, Like Warm Little Spoonfuls Of Bliss On The Tongue

I adore the winter months, and only wish that here in Southern California we had more of an opportunity to feel the crispness, the coldness, the briskness, and the icy-chill in a black, star-studded evening sky. But alas, we don’t. For now, all I have are my memories of the frigid winters of my childhood and teen years in Michigan where I took immense comfort in being bundled up, all snuggly, in coat, hat, and scarf, and I like to keep those close to my heart where they stay warm and alive ....more

Zesty Chicken & Rice Soup, and Finding Pleasure and Gratitude at the Bottom of an Empty Bowl

Have you ever noticed the amazing things you can find at the bottom of a simple, unassuming little bowl of soup? If you’ve ever sat down to a gloriously steaming, fragrant, brothy, and soothing bowl of liquid-y elixir when you’re hungry and hoping to be comforted and made cozy, and then taken pleasure in every little sip off the spoon as it slowly goes down ever-so easily and warms from within, then you most likely know what I speak of. In those precious, golden moments when I’ve luxuriated in and savored a bowl of delectable soup in the quiet silence of my home in the middle of the day, when there’s no one else there but me, I find myself needing to just sit back for a few moments afterwards, in happy silence, there at my table, so that I can enjoy the experience of my heart being utterly filled with gratitude for what is in front of me, and reflect on the simple pleasure that I just had the opportunity to experience ....more

Chocolate & Butterscotch Chip Oatmeal Cookies, for When Finding Joy in the Small Stuff is a Good Start

Sometimes in life, there isn’t much opportunity for replenishment of the soul, as important as that can truly be. And I always know when it’s time for me to begin to draw into myself some nourishment from the external world as well as from the spiritual one, because the things that I typically so easily find to be shimmery and glowing, seem like they’re beginning to lack a bit of luster and shine. And I begin to feel, quite frankly, like I’m beginning to lack a bit of luster and shine ....more