Vegetable Curry, and Stepping out Boldly in Faith

A bold and spicy Vegetable Curry gets the energy flowing the same way that stepping out in faith can be thrilling and wonderful for one’s spirit and one’s life. It’s hard to fathom that it’s officially been four years since my husband and I decided to embark on the unique journey of starting this blog together. So much has happened since The Cozy Apron was born, namely that we’ve gotten older (and hopefully!) wiser, and that we’ve raised our son who was only fourteen at the beginning of all of this into an amazing and intelligent young man with hopes and dreams of his own, and with a good head on his shoulders ....more

Mediterranean Power Rice, and the Power in Knowing to Whom You Belong

Good, healthy food like Mediterranean Power Rice fuels our physical body and gives it the energy and the necessary sustenance it needs to be at its best; but our inner spiritual life also needs to be empowered, and we gain that precious strength through understanding that we belong to a spectacular Creator. Do you ever wonder Who it was that dreamt up beautiful, special, unique, and perfect you? Have you ever considered the possibility that every detail of who you are—what you’ve been endowed with, how you see things, what circumstances you’ve been placed in, what gifts you contain to share with the world—was gloriously planned, designed, and brought into being specifically for you? ...more

Chicken Fra Diavolo Bake, and Finding Yourself Wherever the Flow Takes You

Simple ingredients are always willing to be turned into a delicious meal like this Chicken Fra Diavolo Bake; but sometimes, we, the people, need a little reminder to relinquish our control and allow ourselves to go wherever the flow takes us, and just be in the moment. When words of wisdom come out from the mouths of babes, it is a thing to rejoice in. Young people are our future, and when they speak of things of a mature nature, things that demonstrate a consciousness and an awareness, it offers up hope in the fact that their young minds are indeed thinking and contemplating, and considering the notion that there is something grater than they are that guides them along in life and places them in specific circumstances ....more

Pot Roast Stew in a Bread Bowl, and the Willingness to Be a Vessel for Something Glorious

A warm, freshly-baked bread bowl can be the most comforting and perfect vessel for a pot roast stew in the wintertime; but we too, can be willing vessels, eagerly waiting to be filled with something amazing and glorious in order to share it with the world. The human being has the amazing potential to be like a beautifully hand-sculpted and adorned bowl, plate, mug, or elegant glass that utterly longs to do its ultimate work of being filled with something truly delicious and divine, something life giving and life sustaining. Somewhere deep down inside of our very being, that private, sacred place where only our Creator can reach us and whisper to us; that place where we hear the voice of our soul, we know that we’ve been designed to receive and to hold the unique wisdom of the ages, the secrets to life that He is so enthusiastic to share with us; so that we may take that out into that darkest time just before the dawn in order that His glorious light may spill over all things and be seen ....more

Faux Risotto with Chicken and Vegetables, and Retreating into the Quiet below the Surface

Below that golden-brown top layer of a Faux Risotto you’ll find all those morsels necessary for delicious comfort and nourishment, just as below our own surface we sometimes find that stillness that helps us regroup and experience some peace and reflection. There are days when observations and experiences long to tumble out of my inner being-ness with such gusto and enthusiasm that I can barely contain them. It’s like they’re looking to be shared and taken in by others, like they’re looking for new homes—new vessels—to attach themselves to and spread their information, and “stir the waters” of another’s inner life so that they can make a difference in as many other consciousnesses as possible ....more

Cranberry-Walnut Banana Bread, and a Good Lesson Learned in a Moment of Vulnerability

There’s nothing like the sweet taste of a warm slice of Cranberry-Walnut Banana Bread to take some pleasure in as we begin navigating this brand new year that’s already full of opportunities for lessons and positive change going forward. Happy New Year!! Here we are, once again, unwrapping a sparkly, shiny, and spankin’ brand-new year, pulling it gleefully out of the box ....more

Creamy Roasted Garlic Potato Soup, and Those In-Between-The-Holiday Days

A simple bowl of Roasted Garlic Potato Soup is just the type of meal I begin to crave once Christmas is over and we await the New Year to come in; it’s warm and comforting, with just the right amount of coziness, perfect for those days between the holidays. I’ve always felt that those days between Christmas and the New Year are such a unique time. The twinkle and sparkle of Christmas is over, but we anticipate more celebration as we count down the last remaining days of the year that we just experienced ....more

Beer-Braised Beef Brisket Sandwich, and the Treasure Within

A meaty and juicy beer-braised beef brisket sandwich satisfies and nourishes the hungry soul to its core the way that the amazing and brilliant treasure that has been placed within each and every one of us can enrich and uplift others around us, if it is brought to light, refined, and shared. I love to go walking. It’s one of my absolute favorite ways to spend time when I’m looking to either clear my head, or use the rhythm of my steps to sort of “lull” me and allow whatever free-flow thoughts or even questions that might be hanging around in the nooks and crannies of my mind to impishly enter in and develop, if they’d like ....more

Chicken Stroganoff, a Comforting Companion for a Wintery Evening

Warming and comforting Chicken Stroganoff is a wonderful dish to curl up with in the cold season of winter time, that amazing season that whispers to the soul and gives us reason to cozy up and look for enlightenment all around us, and also within. There’s a fresh and uniquely crisp, clean scent to the cold air that blows through in the wintertime. I love when it rustles my hair, and nips at my nose, causing me to shiver just a little bit, all while helping me realize just how alive I feel as I take in its coolness through my nose and allow it to sink deep, down within me to stir up my soul just a little ....more

Shrimp Scampi, and the Changing Look of the Holidays

Shrimp Scampi is a delicious dish to prepare as a simple meal between the holidays when time is limited; and since it’s a favorite meal of my son’s, it makes me think about him and realize how even the flavor of the holidays evolves and changes as our children grow and become young adults themselves. When I considered what would be a good, simple, cozy and comforting recipe to share here on the blog with you this week, one that could be a great go-to meal between the holidays when time is scarce and the weather cold, Shrimp Scampi came to mind as the perfect offering. With its succulent shrimp; rich, buttery and wine-y sauce; and tender-yet-toothsome pasta to twirl on the fork, what could be more flavorful, luxurious, and simple to whip up when a bowl of something piping hot and scrumptious is desired to warm the belly? ...more