Buttery French Green Beans with Garlic-Sauteed Mushrooms, a Simple & Crisp Take On Things

Ah, the beloved Thanksgiving table! It can look like a never-ending line of saucy-ness, richness, sweetness and savory-ness, which frankly, is perfectly fine with me. That’s exactly as it should be! ...more

Cranberry & Vanilla Bean “Cheesecake” Parfaits, and the Glistening Jewels That Shimmer

The other night, I drifted off to sleep thinking about an amazingly sweet exchange between my husband and teenage son that I had overheard just moments before, without them even knowing. I had gone to bed a little while before they had, and as I laid there in quiet prayer with my Creator, reminiscing with Him about my day and expressing gratitude for the multitude of tiny little gifts that I had found in it, I heard my precious boys pass each other in the hallway and give one another a particularly touching, warm and genuinely loving “good night, I love you, and sleep well”. I cannot describe how full and tender that made my heart, and it became yet one more thing to immediately add to my mental gratitude list for that day ....more

Golden Autumn Corn Dressing, and a Soft Place to Rest One’s Soul

Often times at the tail-end of a very long day, I find myself struggling to keep my eyes open. Perhaps you can relate? It doesn’t matter whether I’m watching a really good movie or watching a truly fascinating show on a topic that any other time would have my full attention, I just can’t seem to stop my eyes from fluttering and then finally closing, and my head from bobbing and nodding and then suddenly jerking up in fake awake-ness ....more

Garlic and Rosemary Pull-Apart Rolls with Asiago Cheese, and Indulging with Joy and Abandon

When I think of all of the fabulous food that is so much a central part of the Thanksgiving Day celebration, I get a sort of warm feeling in my belly, and a child-like excitement that we can partake in all of those wonderful goodies so whole-heartedly and with such sheer glee! Thanksgiving is a time to get together in the spirit of gratitude, love and remembrance for the gifts that we have in our lives; it’s a time to ease the mind and dive freely into whatever the eyes find that would be of comfort and culinary pleasure, and sample with joy and abandon alongside the people that we care about the most. And that’s amazing, isn’t it? ...more

Warm Roasted Sweet Potato Salad, and Remembering all the Things to be Thankful For

With the Thanksgiving holiday fast approaching, my soul begins to sense a wonderful opportunity to reflect and become filled with gratitude over all of those precious and amazing gifts that I have in my life. When we’re in the midst of challenges, or when we’re simply running on what seems like fumes as we navigate through all of the must-do’s in our daily lives, it can be all too easy to place focus on what is uncomfortable, or what makes us stressed or overwhelmed. There never seems to be a shortage of problems in life, or of things that need our attention that only seem to deplete our mental, physical and spiritual reserves; those, somehow, always seem to be there in abundance ....more

Orange-Honey Glazed Roasted Turkey Breasts, and the Sweet Taste of the Present Moment

At some point or another, we’ve all most likely found ourselves in the rather uncomfortable state of limbo, or in a place of feeling insecure because of a lack of information. Perhaps you’re in the midst of experiencing that this very moment in your own life. It can happen in regards to our health, our finances, and our relationships, and we find ourselves trying to navigate what feels like uncharted waters, in the dark, and on our own; or groping around what feels like a room with the lights switched off, one which we’ve never previously been in ....more

Hot Roasted Butternut Squash & Spinach Dip, A Warming Comfort On A Cool Fall Evening

Evenings in the fall are quite a magical time of the day for me. They remind me of what it must feel like to enter into a fairy realm, where the golden-purple light twinkles ever so softly, and the slight haze creates an almost dream-like blur of anything in the distance. Fall evenings are my favorite time to go for a walk in one of my husband’s and my favorite near-by neighborhoods, the kind of neighborhood where the people get into the spirit of the season and adorn their doors with large, rustic and gnarled wreaths with colorful leaves, and their porches with big, whimsical pumpkins and inviting “Fall Is Here” porch mats, or perhaps little straw scarecrows that stare at you with their large, unblinking black-button eyes ....more

Pumpkin Patch Spice Bread, and Adding a Touch of Sweetness to a Day

I very much adore the unexpected sweetness that a simple day can hold within it. Many mornings, it can be a challenge just to wipe the bleariness out of the eyes, to get the spirit uplifted, and to get that little inner motor roaring and ready to function at full capacity, never mind with gusto, style and a little flare. But it sure can make a difference in our day when we mercifully experience those little hints of sweetness, those palette pleasing flavors that are like a pumpkin-y spice bread chock-full of orange-flavored cranberries, and drizzled with an orange-vanilla bean icing; and then, we ourselves become the purveyors of those precious “spoonfuls of sugar” for others to taste and enjoy ....more

Cheesy Breakfast Bake, All The Best Things In One Dish

For a while there, it almost felt like this day would never come. I can’t believe that I’m sitting here writing at my desk, dressed in my sweats and my hoody, with a cup of hot herbal tea, looking out of my window into the grey, dankness that is an overcast and chilly fall morning in Los Angeles. Finally, I feel like I can breathe ....more

Fall Harvest Pumpkin & Beef Stew, a Bread Bowl’s Best Friend

There are many things in life that make the best of friends. Certain things partner up in such a way making them better together than they ever could’ve been apart: a cool evening and a blanket; a good movie and some fresh, hot popcorn; a golden-pink hued sunset and a contemplative walk; a heart filled with love and a warm embrace or a kiss. The things that go together give a little extra definition to life, and create warmth and preciousness; they offer color and a little special flavor to our experience, making it just a bit more soft and cozy ....more