Classic Italian Sub Sandwich, and Not Letting the Bully Steal Your Lunch Money

Just as a delicious, savory classic Italian sub sandwich with its zesty vinaigrette and all of its layers of goodness provide lots of flavor and scrumptious sustenance, so do joy and love sustain us and allow us to be bold and strengthened from within. Fear reminds me a lot of an obnoxious bully. It bounds in forcefully, menacingly, and uninvited, and begins leveling threats against our well-being, poking us in the chest and mocking us, often causing us to lose joy and that “lightness of being” that provides the much needed gusto and zeal for our endeavors in life ....more

BBQ Meatloaf Burger, and an Opportunity to Choose Kindness Instead

To some, a BBQ meatloaf burger sounds utterly mouthwatering and delicious; and yet to others, it may perhaps seem a little over the top. Certainly our tastes can differ on all things in life, because we each experience and process things in a unique way, which is actually wonderful grounds for interaction between us. The hope is that our interaction can be done in a spirit of kindness, compassion and curiosity rather than judgement ....more

Apricot Sugar Cookie Pies, for a Little Taste of Something Sweet in Summer

Fresh out of the oven, nothing smells more buttery and sweet than soft-baked sugar cookies. But apricot sugar cookie pies filled with wonderfully sweet and tangy apricot preserves…? Now that sounds like the perfect summer season sweet treat to offer up! ...more

Crispy Prosciutto Flatbread Pizza, and Getting Comfortable Expressing All the Aspects of Yourself

Just like a crispy prosciutto flatbread pizza has many different delicious little components that make it the colorful and unique mosaic that it is, so do all the colors and flavors that each of us contain make us who we are, completely. Are you willing to share who you are? Part of the utter beauty of humanity is how different we all are, and how we choose to express that difference, or those unique inner qualities and sensibilities that we’ve each been given, to the outside world that observes us ....more

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing! ...more

Sunshine Bucatini with Grape Tomatoes and Broccolini, Simply and Deliciously Bursting with Spring

Spring inspires the colors and textures of bright, light and wholesome foods to be brought to the table; it inspires delicious pasta dishes like a bucatini with blistered grape tomatoes and broccolini to be prepared and enjoyed in all their simple glory. As we now enthusiastically enter this warmer time of year, I begin to develop a craving for brighter and more cheerful fare to take its place on our table so that we may be nourished and invigorated by the subtle complexities that it provides. The spring season can be an incredibly inspiring time of year when it comes to playing in our kitchens, and bringing some of those wonderfully colorful and textured ingredients together into one delicious and unique bowl of sustenance that we can enjoy with gusto ....more

Grilled Lemon Chicken Skewers, and Flinging Open the Windows in All of Our Dark Rooms

The spring encourages us to enjoy fresh, vibrant fare, like lemon chicken skewers with charred cherry tomatoes; it inspires us to open up our windows to feel refreshed, healthy and whole thanks to the healing sunlight and gentle breeze. Spring is a time of fragrant and lulling afternoon breezes and bright, invigorating sunlight that seems to seep straight down to the core of us and inspire a desire for newness. It is a time of year that carries with it much opportunity to begin again, and to change and breath new life into our existence, and into every room of our proverbial dwelling ....more

Poke Bowl with Spicy Ahi Tuna, a Fresh and Healthy New Pleasure

Discovering something new and delicious can be a real treat! A fresh poke bowl with ahi tuna is our latest find. When my husband and I have a quiet Saturday afternoon to ourselves and feel like exploring, we just love poking around our favorite old-town district that’s located not too far from our home, one that is full of really cool shops and great little places to eat ....more

Cashew Chicken Curry, and the Cleansing Effect of a Spring Rain

A rainy day is one of my favorite kind of days; it refreshes us and creates in us a desire to comfort ourselves, and to curl up with a warm and fragrant bowl of cashew chicken curry. As if right on wonderful, perfect queue, the precious raindrops just began to fall from the sky as I sat down to write. Ah, how I love the sound of the rain ....more

Seasoned Oven Fries with Chipotle Ketchup, a Kind of Comfort Food for a Misfit Day

The days that don’t go exactly as one had hoped or planned can be the best days for putting things into perspective and taking a deep breath; they can also be the days when some comfort food is craved, which is when these tasty seasoned oven fries with smoky chipotle ketchup come to the rescue. Today is a comfort-food kind of day. It’s a crispy spiced oven fries-dipped-in-an-amazingly-rich-tangy-sweet-spicy-and-smoky-chipotle-ketchup kind of day, to be a little more specific ....more