If you were a zombie how would you walk?

Sunday was absolutely beautiful out so we decided to go out for a hike. Of course, being in the woods, I'm reminded of kidnapping, which leads to serial killers, which leads to death, which leads to zombies which leads to The Walking Dead so I ask Brian, if you were a zombie, how would you walk? And he has it down with the leg dragging behind and the open mouth full of blood lust.Click for full post!...more
It depends on how hungry I am ;)more

Books I've Been Reading: Don't Let Me Go

This book (which was written by the same woman who wrote Pay it Forward) was in a totally different genre than what I typically read from (horror, dystopian, sci-fi) but I felt like I needed to read a book that was actually a "nice" read to change it up a bit and I'm sorta glad I did.Click to read full post....more

Around Here

Whoooo boy it's been cold as hell these last few days! I seriously don't know how I'm going to make it through the winter and it's only in the 40s. I left my thick skin in California. We had our first snow of the season on Wednesday. We were lucky and weren't affected by the nor'easter. All the snow that fell melted by the next day.Click to read full post....more

Keep calm and play with yarn!

My type of hotties

Okay, we all know that Alexander Skarsgard and Rob Pattinson are pretty hot, but I have a thing for more slightly average looking, scruffy, seemingly smart and funny guys....so nerds? I don't know. They are hot to me. But that description sounds like my husband so I suppose I married the right kinda guy.Click here to read full post!...more

Hello to new blog hop readers!

I wanted to say hello to new readers of The Curious Pug! The Totally Awesome Blog hop was, well, pretty awesome and I'm happy to have you reading along (you can still link up if you want!). I made sure to check out each of your links and am following a bunch of new blogs as well. So I thought I'd write a quick intro post about me and what goes on over here....Click to read full post....more

How do you represent yourself online?

I've been thinking about this lately because there are blog posts everywhere that talk about "being yourself" on your blog and in your writing, but how much of what you read on blogs is actually accurate? Do you try to put on a good face even when you are feeling down? Do you avoid writing about the negative things in your life? Do you really say "lovlies" in real life?Click here to read full post....more

Magic Leaf Fairy...

You missed my house. Those leaves aren't gonna pick up themselves! Click to read full post!...more

What NOT to say to a crafter

It's not okay to tell someone that they have too much time on their hands because they like to make crafts (or any kind of hobby where you make something for that matter). Never ever ever ever. It's mean, it's ignorant, and it makes the other person feel like a loser. And you know what? If you had something you liked doing (besides making people feel stupid), then you'd make time for it too, giving off the impression that you have too much time on your hands....more

Looking to meet some new blog friends!

I decided to give Blogher a real shot. I had an account since 2009 but never used it and was unable to figure out how to change which directory I had listed my blog under, so I have started fresh and wanted my first post to be a quick introduction to who I am and what I blog about in the hopes that maybe you'll come over and visit! ...more