Real Estate + Tips For The Marginalized Purchaser

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What Other Option Have You Left Me? PT I

Next to dating issues, family dysfunction is an area when I’ve received the most resistance and pushback. Not all, but many of us need to exercise boundaries when it comes to our relatives. With ourselves being in first place, family can hold us back like no other. In theory parents and other immediate relatives can be counted on to be supportive, pushing us towards positive endeavors. But alas, this is not always the case. Enduring never-ceasing abuse or mistreatment is no way to live out the remainder of our short time here on earth. “W” ...more

Hunker Down Or Bug Out?


One Love, Two Colors

Authors of "One Love Two Colors" speak to BWDB: Tell the readers a little more about yourself Bobby, where are you from? ...more

Is He A 'Secret Agent Man'?


Rewrite Your Story

EXERCISE #1 - Rewrite Your Story The following is for your own personal self-evaluation and is to be kept confidential:   ...more

Don't Cheat Yourself Out Of Love

"J" Writes BWDB   "In watching one of the Youtube videos, I believe yours it was suggested that we contact you on here for better dating prospects. ...more

Happy Independence Day - Freedom Is Never Free!

Please Visit Clarissa at "The BWE Bloggersphere"Today! As we enter into the festivities, please keep in mind the dedicated men and women who help make this day possible...Freedom is never free! And to Those Who Proudly Wear The Uniform: Thanks For Your Service! ...more