Are These 4 Things Running Your Life?

Do you ever dream of making changes in your life but feel like something is holding you back, but you’re just not sure what that is?We’ve all been in that place. Whether it’s leaving our job, asking for a raise, negotiating more flexible work hours or saying no to an endless request of our time from other people. We dream of changing a situation in our life. We may even make a plan to do it.But then it happens....more

How To Make Summer More Fun & Less Stress

Summer break is almost upon us. This year will be my first experience of having my daughter go on a true summer break as she graduates Kindergarten and gets ready for 1st grade.I am wondering how it will all work out. I have planned a balance of activities for her (some week long summer camps) and taking time off from my businesses to spend with her. ...more

3 Steps To Creating More Freedom For You and Your Family

More freedom is the number #1 thing many busy moms crave in their life. Our busy, overwhelming lives can make us feel like we are captive to our schedules.The truth is we often are.Juggling work, kids, life and all the other responsibilities that land in our lap our day-to-day life can feel like one big crazy merry-go-round we can never jump off.Here’s the good news for anyone feeling like this.Creating more freedom in your life is completely within your control....more

How To Get What You Really Want In Life

Has anyone ever told you to get what you want you just have to ask for it?The idea that you can just say “hey universe I want a million dollars” and it will magically appear?I know I have heard this over and over again in my life. I do believe there is an element of truth to this. To get what you want you have to first ask for it.However what I have also discovered is that this doesn’t work on its own. ...more

Do You Have A Grand Canyon Gap In Your Life?

I recently had the privilege of spending a few days at the Grand Canyon. The beauty and grandeur of the place is awe-inspiring. It is simply just so BIG! I could spend days peering out over the canyon and never get bored with the view.As I was walking one morning with my family along the rim I found myself staring across to the other side of the canyon. It seemed so far away. ...more

How To Jump Off The Stress Merry-Go-Round

As moms we know what it can feel like to be constantly stressed and overwhelmed. Unfortunately for many of us this has become the predominant them of our lives as we try to balance the responsibilities of work, life and being a mom.There are countless tips and advice out there about how to reduce the stress in our lives.Exercise. Yoga. Breathing exercises. Manage our time better....more

4 Steps To Shatter The Working Mom Glass Ceiling

In 2007 when I heard the words “fortunately we don’t legally have to offer you maternity leave” I panicked.This was my dream position for the next step in my career. My about to be new employer had just said those words to me after I discovered I was pregnant.I saw a glimpse into my future as a working mom trying to advance her career. My work or my kids.I was afraid of what I saw....more

5 Signs You’ve Hit The Working Mom Glass Ceiling

“Fortunately, due to a loop hole in California’s State Law we don’t have to offer you any maternity leave.”...more
I'm really looking forward to the second article. Thank you for raising this topic in such a ...more

Are You Ready To Make This Decision?

I am often asked the question “what is the first step in starting your own business?”  A number of things immediately come to mind. Develop your business idea, write a business plan, decide on a business name, find a mentor, work out the finances, and so on. All those details you think about that go along with starting your own business....more

3 Lessons My Daughter Taught Me About Love.

My daughter can’t get enough of Valentine’s Day. She loves love. She loves giving love and she loves receiving it. I admire her so much for that. Becoming her mom has opened my heart for a love I never knew I was capable of. ...more